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By: Nadeemy Haded

The US Federal Aviation Administration said it was seeking to fine Boeing $ 5.4 million because it failed to prevent the installation of defective parts on the 737 MAX.

In a statement, the administration claimed that Boeing “failed to adequately supervise its suppliers to ensure their compliance with the company's quality assurance system. Boeing deliberately submitted the plane to obtain a final flight validity certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration after knowing that these parts could not be used due to its failure to pass a test Power".

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed a civil fine of $ 3.9 million to Boeing over the same problem in December for the 133 737NGs, the previous generation of the 737Max, according to Reuters.

The 737 MAX has been banned from flying since March after two crashes of this type, killing 346 people.

Boeing's registry and federal aviation administration representatives have criticized safety on a number of issues.

In June, the Federal Aviation Administration disclosed that about 300 NG and 737 MAX aircraft might have parts with manufacturing defects, and said it would be required to quickly change these parts.

Source: Reuters

Thursday, 09 January 2020 13:57

The evolution of idiocy.

I read recently of an actress and writer who was disappointed that neither of her children were gay, but felt that the consolation was her son was autistic.

Really? Quite mind boggling for the average person.

This is one example of kind of world which is evolving around us and society is making it appear "normal".

No one is happy to be straight or have children who aren't inclined to dress up in the garb of someone of the opposite sex. They feel as if they aren't part of some exclusive club.
Whereas families who don't live in some exalted bubble, have to deal with these issues day in and day out, without feeling the need to vomit the information across social media.

There is a new show coming on television about a fourteen year old boy who is "famous" online for wearing make up. Online "fame" rarely translates to the world of television. So we will see where this goes.

I have no problem with children experimenting with cosmetics, but to be put on television like some kind of performing seal, is distasteful to say the least.
The parents of this child, and the parents of children who are pushed into the public eye, should be questioned on their motives and their abilities to raise children.

Moving on to another odd event which took place in an employment tribunal today.
A "judge" has declared that veganism is the same as religion, and people who have this philosophy, should have their rights protected by law.

Some people will use this ruling, prior to it being overturned on appeal, to create havoc within companies and fill the courts with ridiculous claims.
One being that someone who is a veganist, could refuse to drive for a living in case they kill or injure a passing gnat.

We sit back and allow these kind of lunatic judgements to pass without really making a fuss. We accept that we would be in the wrong if we railed against the madness.
Well, now is the time to take a deep breath and say "no more"!

People can believe whatever they want to believe. If they want to worship shop awnings and consider themselves to be Awningists, I have no objection

Admittedly, Awningists sounds a bit like Onanists, and that would be a fair description, but if they're happy and they worship their Awning gods in a quiet respectful manner, I'm happy for them.

Likewise, people who want to be a different sexual orientation to that which they were born, can quietly go about doing something different.
But wanting everyone else to do the same, isn't the best way to find the path to peace and serenity.

Throughout time, people have been had different sexual preferences and in some cultures they were accepted.
In other cultures, they would have been persecuted and are, in some less enlightened countries, still being persecuted.

I would never want the UK to return to the dark days where homosexuality was punishable by law. We are an open and inclusive nation and all the better for that.

What I feel is happening, is that in some people's minds, heterosexuality is in some way wrong.
There is nothing wrong with any sexual orientation which doesn't deliberately hurt others and is practiced by people over the age of consent.

If someone chooses to dress in a suit, with a nice shirt and tie, with shiny shoes and a rolled up umbrella, then they should be allowed to do so. Ballet dancers don't need to be flamboyant.

Similarly, a person who wants to go to work in a pink and purple tutu, then that's equally ok, and I'm sure they'll make a fine police officer.

Jumping around these subjects, I noticed today that some female politician was all over social media and other news outlets, proclaiming to have found true love with a person of the same sex, and declaring herself, pan sexual. make your own jokes

Well, whoop de doo.....but these relationships happen all the time, all over the world, but most people don't feel the need to do it in public.

Politicians imagine that they are of such importance, than that they think the public has to be informed of their private lives.
They are constantly bleating about a lack of privacy, but cannot wait to get in front of the cameras. But that's Liberal Democrats for you!

From what I gather, this relationship was going to be made public in a newspaper, so she outed herself. Surely this is unnecessary in this day and age. No one cares about her sexual preferences, and would probably have had public sympathy if it had been reported.

There is a madness around and a feeling that society is running out of control, and in many ways it is. If we were all treated in the same way, a lot of people wouldn't feel marginalised.

Some of us are still happy to identify as male and female. I know it's considered old fashioned, but I don't actually care. Everyone should be able to be whatever we want to be. I'm only looking for equal treatment of the heterosexual community.
I want us to be on a par with the rest of the communities out there.

There must be no anti hetro abuse, and we should be allowed to wear jeans if we feel comfortable. Women should be able to be women and not be ashamed of themselves.

This stance has to be taken now, before we become yet another oppressed minority.

This short article is a pan serious production for people who still possess a sense of humour.

PS.... I have decided to self identify as a Haitian firefly.


By: Nadeemy Haded

The European Commission expressed, on Monday, its "deep regret" over Iran's announcement to reduce its commitment to the nuclear agreement and to enter the stage of uranium enrichment without any restrictions.

On Sunday, Iran abandoned the remaining borders of the agreement in response to the US air strike that killed the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani.

In May 2018, the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran and reimposed tough sanctions against it, but the Europeans tried to persuade Tehran to keep its obligations, through a package of economic promises.

A German Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday that Germany still wants to salvage Iran's nuclear agreement signed with the six world powers in 2015.

"This will constitute another violation of the joint comprehensive plan of action (the nuclear agreement), but I want to confirm that it will not automatically end the agreement," the spokesman told a news conference.

"Our goal is still to save the agreement. We are in talks about that," the German official said, according to Reuters.

On the other hand, China said it believed that Iran was "forced" to reduce its commitment to the nuclear agreement, indicating that it was the American withdrawal that led to the current situation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that there is no way out of the crisis "by military means" and added: "Intense pressure will not succeed. The policy of power is unpopular and cannot be tolerated."

Source: Reuters

Sunday, 05 January 2020 17:37

Castle Journal Statement


Professor: Abeer Almadawy

CEO and Owner of Castle Journal British Group for journalism and media ,published a decision said in it the

Full support of Castle Journal Group of its newspapers and magazines to Egypt in its war against the tyranny Turkish terrorism who invaded the Libyan lands and shocked their internal security.

Castle Journal head of management added ;

Egypt has all the rights to defend its national security, and Castle Journal affirms its steadfast position supporting Egypt in all its issues of ( newspapers and magazines) by all the languages around the world in defense of the right to the Egyptian people who deserves to live the life .

However the terrorism by the enemies who are hiding behind the religion and Khilafa of Othman has no rights but they are facing millions of people’s in Libya and Egypt to real danger and they repeat again the file of Syria to world .

This tyrant thought must be stopped now.

This war must end now , to where 100 millions will go during the fight if the world keeps silent, from here this statement is important to support Egypt and its legal rights of defense.

CEO Almadawy have instructed editorial directors in all newspapers and magazines to take the necessary measures for a media message that keep the purposeful international news and send that Egypt's right in its duty also move the right to events from its official sources

As well as conveying a careful follow-up of everything that happens globally

We call on colleagues from newspapers to cooperate in publishing the news that they must adhere to international covenants

To follow the news release

And not to publish any false or unofficial sources news.

Castle Journal will provide you with all the details

Castle Journal British Group for journalism and media

General Administration


By: Nadeemy Haded

German car maker Daimler said it will recall 744,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in the United States, including production from 2001 to 2011, because the moving glass roof may separate and pose a danger to passengers.

The recall decision covers more than 24 models from the C, CLK, and CLS categories.

The company said that car owners who paid money to fix this defect would be entitled to claim a refund.

A company spokesman said he does not have the total number of cars that will be called up worldwide.

Daimler stated that the agents will inspect the glass panel and will replace the movable roof if necessary, as reported by Reuters.

Last month, the Mercedes-Benz unit in the United States agreed to pay a fine of $ 20 million, due to its behavior in calling the cars in the country, after a year-long investigation, conducted by the US government to recall 1.4 million cars.

Source Sky News


By: Nadeemy Haded

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended his leadership and his government's record on climate change, while moderate temperatures brought some hope for calm forest fires that swept through three states, killing 24 people and destroying nearly two thousand homes.

Morrison faced widespread criticism for spending a family vacation in Hawaii at the start of the massive fire crisis, and his approach that seemed dispersed as the crisis escalated, slowed down the spread of resources.

Morrison was criticized last week when he visited a town in New South Wales where homes were destroyed, and was the residence of one of three volunteer firefighters who have died in the crisis so far.

And Saturday, Morrison announced that for the first time in Australian history, 3,000 reservists from the Army, Navy and Air Force will be deployed in the battle against fires, and $ 14 million has been earmarked for the rental of firefighting aircraft from abroad, the Associated Press reported.

But Morrison's decisions attracted complaints that it took a long time to act, while millions of hectares of fire came in the states of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, an area twice the size of the US state of Maryland.

"A lot of people have been blamed," Morrison told reporters at Sunday's conference. "Now is the time to focus on the response being done ... Blame does not help anyone at this time, over-analyzing these matters is not productive."

Some have cited earlier comments from Morrison, who seemed to reduce the link between climate change and Australia's escalating threats of drought and wildfires.

Morrison added: "I have to correct things here. I have seen a number of people suggesting that the government does not establish this association in one way or another. The government has always worked on this association and this has never been a matter of contention."

Sunday's low temperatures and milder winds allayed the fears of threatened communities, one day after thousands were forced to flee as flames reached the outskirts of Sydney's outskirts.

Source agencies


By: Nadeemy Haded

Today, Croatian voters vote in a second round of the presidential elections, whose results cannot be predicted due to the intense competition between the two candidates who reached the second round.

The outgoing conservative president, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovich, who is seeking the support of the right-wing nationalist to win, is competing with her opponent, former Social Democrat Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, who poses a serious challenge to her.

A poll indicated that the former prime minister had advanced three points, but also revealed that 13% of voters were still hesitant.

The poll also revealed the rise of the radical right in a country facing the pressure of migrants on its borders, and like its neighbors in the Balkans, the emigration of its residents and endemic corruption.

Grabar Kitarovich won 27 percent of the vote in the first round. She hopes her calls to "the federation" will suffice to convince the electorate. She presents herself as the head of a family like the others and emphasizes her humble origins.

As for her opponent, who won a third of the votes in the first session, he is trying to deny charges of insolence and elitism. He condemns the concept of "authentic Croatia", considering it dangerous. In the first round, he benefited from the support of voters in cities and the division of the right.

Voting will take place from 6:00 to 18:00 GMT, with the results announced within an hour of polling stations closing.

The second round of these elections comes days after Croatia takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union, which is supposed to manage the post-Brexit era.

The presidency in Croatia is largely an honorary position.

Source: "AFP"

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