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Police in Manchester, northwest England, said on Saturday that they are investigating reports about finding "suspicious" material inside a bus at "Manchester Piccadilly" bus station.

The Manchester Police stated, in a tweet on the "Twitter" site, that their personnel reached the site at a time when several roads were closed in the city.

The authorities added that the bus was evacuated as part of a precaution, while a security cordon was imposed, according to "Reuters".

An eyewitness said, in a press statement, that the cordon extended 200 meters from the green double-decker bus in all directions.

In the meantime, the authorities did not indicate the nature of the material that was found, and whether it was used to carry out any possible assault on the means of transport, but the British newspaper, "Mirror", indicated that officers specializing in bombs inside the British police force came to the place after Find the suspicious article.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded


Argentine star Lionel Messi caused a sensation, announcing his desire to leave his Spanish team Barcelona, ​​10 days ago, but the way he sent the message of "leaving" also had a great deal of attention on the media and social media.

Messi sent a message asking the club's management to "let him go", after 14 years of playing for the team, and Messi used "fax" to send the message, which is a strange choice amid the technology available at the present time, which surprised many.

Messi changed his decision to leave, and decided to stay, when he stated in an interview to "Goal" website, Friday, that he is continuing with the "Catalan" club for another season, and justified in the interview the use of the "fax" machine to send a "leave" message to the club management.

Messi said: "I used the fax to make it official somehow."

He added: "Throughout the year, I told the club president that I wanted to leave, and that it was time for me to pursue new goals in my career, but his response was always: We will talk later, not now, and nothing happened afterwards."

Messi indicated that the club president did not give him any clear response to his repeated requests to leave, so he decided to send a message using the "fax" to convey his message to the management officially and definitively, that he was determined to leave.

Messi's move to use the "fax" device came after all his attempts to communicate naturally failed, according to him.

Messi concluded his speech by saying, "I am a free player and I can leave for free. My goal was not to create chaos or challenge the club, but" fax "is an official way to tell the club that I have made my decision.

It is noteworthy that the first fax machine was offered for sale to the public in 1964 by the "Xerox" company, and it became a major part of corporate offices in the 1980s and 1990s, before "e-mail" on computers and cell phones became the main official way of communication in companies.

By:Nadeemy Haded


Scientists have warned that the tests currently being conducted in order to diagnose infection with the emerging corona virus may be inaccurate, and the reason is that it may be considered a positive case, despite the presence of only dead effects from the virus.

The warning was issued in a study completed by the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, known as CEBM, which is affiliated with the prestigious University of Oxford.

The study was conducted in partnership with the University of "West of England", where it revealed that there may be positive cases, by mistake, as a result of the way the examination is being done at the present time.

The researchers relied on 25 studies on the "PCR" examinations that take place through a nasal swab to find out if someone was infected with the emerging coronavirus.

The examination gives a positive or negative result, but the "PCR" test can monitor the genetic material of the virus for a long time, that is, even when it becomes not contagious.

This means that many cases are diagnosed with positivity, but they do not pose any danger to others, and they cannot transmit the infection to others.

Things do not stop at this point. Rather, the "PCR" examination detects parts and fragments of the dead virus after the immune system killed it in the human body.

The researcher wrote that this gap in the examination also explains the registration of many confirmed infections without severe symptoms, or even saying that some people return to their positive status after they have recovered from "Covid 19" disease.

He stressed the need for a concerted global effort to avoid isolating people who do not pose a risk of transmitting the infection to others, especially since the closure and isolation measures lead to costly consequences.

By:Nadeemy Haded


In The Guardian’s annual university directory, Oxford ranked first for the first time in a decade thanks to new employment data showing that more Oxford students are moving into graduate-level jobs after completing their studies.

The university this year jumped from third to first place, while the University of St. Andrews remained in second place, while the University of Cambridge fell, to third place after it occupied the first place for 9 years.

Many other universities were able to improve their ranking performance thanks to recent graduate job data.

And the London School of Economics jointly ranked second with Oxford and Cambridge in graduate careers, which enabled it to jump to fifth place overall, with a big leap after it was ranked 19.

Rising demand for graduates also helped improve the University of Brighton's position, making a giant leap from 102nd to 12th.

At the other end of the scale, De Montfort University saw a drop in graduate job scores, which contributed to its decline from 61st to 119th.

The results come as British universities have become cautiously optimistic that most have avoided the worst-case scenarios expected after the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world and the disruption of test scores that has swept British schools.

Several institutions said student recruitment has stalled in all fields, as few local students chose to postpone their studies, while international student numbers did not seem to decline as had been feared.

Oxford University Vice President Louise Richardson said her institution was on track to accept a record number of students who were educated in UK public schools.

It is noteworthy that the British Universities Guide issued by The Guardian is the first periodic table that uses new data that measures graduate jobs 15 months after graduation and not after 6 months, and is believed to more accurately select the employability of graduates.

The data is collected centrally by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, rather than by individual universities, to address concerns that universities may manipulate their performance by misclassifying the jobs of their graduates or offering them temporary jobs during the survey period.

Imperial College London scored the highest in graduate results overall, but fell from seventh to ninth place due to the attraction of students with lower grades.

As for King's College London, it rose from 63rd to 42nd after rising from 21st to 5th place in recent graduate jobs data.

Individual materials

In the individual subject rankings, Anglia Ruskin University topped the table in two areas, sports science and education, while ranked 80 overall, while Bournemouth moved up 10 places to first in social work, once again thanks to job data for recent graduates.

Matt Hayley Rayner, who compiled the tables, said Oxford overtook Cambridge after a decade because the new job data wiped out Cambridge's lead: "With the removal of the Cambridge advantage in job prospects, Oxford's advantage in value-added metrics shines through by taking the university to the fore." .

Oxford also outperforms Cambridge in a number of subject rankings, including English, Law, Physics, and Economics.

Richardson said Oxford's strong value-added performance has been the credit to its students and the university's dynamic selection process.

By:Nadeemy Haded


Oil fell more than 2 percent

Abandoning early gains after a report showed that US gasoline demand fell last week.

And futures prices turned downward after government data showed a decline in demand for gasoline from the previous week, prompting dealers to ignore US crude stockpile data that was calling for pushing prices up.

Crude inventories fell 9.4 million barrels in the latest week to 498.4 million barrels, a decline much larger than a drop of 1.9 million barrels, which analysts had expected in a Reuters poll.

The data deals with a period during which Hurricane "Laura" caused the closure of production and refining facilities.

Demand for gasoline fell to 8.78 million barrels per day over the course of the week from 9.16 million barrels per day in the previous week, according to the report.

Brent crude fell $ 1.15, equivalent to 2.5 percent, to determine the settlement price at $ 44.43 a barrel, after rising for two days.

U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude closed down $ 1.25, or 2.9 percent, at $ 41.51 a barrel.

Source: Routers

By:Nadeemy Haded


New Manchester United midfielder Donnie Van de Beek said he will wear the 34th jersey in honor of his former Ajax Amsterdam teammate Abdelhak Nouri, who suffered severe brain damage after suffering a heart attack in 2017.

Abdelhak Nouri, who wore this number, played his first match with the first team for Ajax in the 2016-2017 season, before his career ended prematurely, as a result of suffering a heart attack in a friendly match in Austria in preparation for the new season.

Although he woke up on the stadium and took him to hospital by plane, he suffered permanent and serious brain damage.

Van de Beek, who joined the "Red Devils" from Ajax on a five-year contract, said on Wednesday to the club's website: "This is special for me, because of my dear friend Abdelhak Nuri."

He added, "He had a heart attack and he is a close friend of mine and his family, and his brother is one of my closest friends and I talk a lot with them. That's why I decided to get his old shirt number, because I want to make some good memories with this number."

Van de Beek did not forget his friend Nuri, as he had previously honored him after his 34th minute goal against Juventus in the Champions League last year.

Ajax Amsterdam canceled Nuri's contract last March.

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded


The US Food and Drug Administration announced that it will give the green light to test a vaccine against the emerging corona virus, before the completion of the third phase of clinical trials, in case the benefits are more than the risks.

The US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, Stephen Hahn, said they are ready to try the vaccine "as soon as possible", without waiting for full federal approval.

Han told the Financial Times that this decision in the end is "up to the vaccine developer."

Many scientists believe that phase III trials are necessary for any vaccine developed, to avoid any potentially dangerous side effects.

Thousands of volunteers around the world are participating in the trials of the Corona vaccines that are currently being offered. China and Russia approved a vaccine without waiting for the completion of the third phase of testing.

Scientists fear that bypassing the stages of clinical trials, it could lead to a biological disaster similar to what happened in 1955, when more than 200,000 children received the polio vaccine, which led to the death of hundreds of them.

The chief scientist at the World Health Organization, Dr. Sumiya Swaminathan, warned that "licensing a vaccine before completing all necessary large-scale trials will only hinder global efforts to stop the Coronavirus pandemic."

Source: Agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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