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The social networking site, Twitter, deleted a photo from a tweet posted by US President Donald Trump.

The site justified this behavior by infringing on copyright.

Instead of the photo posted to the tweet on June 30, you'll now see a notification that the photo was deleted in response to a complaint from the copyright holder.

Axios reported that the deleted image was from a New York Times journalist who attached it to a large article about Trump.

The newspaper complained about the tweet, because Trump posted the photo without permission.

This is the second case, in two weeks, when social media sites remove material from Trump's accounts.

Before that, Trump's post and Trump's post were deleted from Facebook, which included pictures of two young children. After their parents complained of copyright infringement.

Source: Novosti

By:Nadeemy Haded


tests carried out yesterday (Wednesday) in the Mauritanian parliament revealed to MPs and employees that 10 people were infected with the new Corona virus.

According to local sources, 70 people were tested, while two MPs were confirmed to be infected with the virus, as well as eight parliamentarians.

According to the sources, the speaker of the parliament, Sheikh Ould Bey, was the first subject to the examination, to be followed by the deputies and workers wishing to do so.

And Parliament has taken precautionary measures since the beginning of the epidemic's entry into Mauritania, the most prominent of which is reducing the number of those attending the open sessions.

Source: "Desert Media"

By:Nadeemy Haded

In order to protect the health of citizens, the Mayor of Richmond, Richmond, ordered the city of Richmond to be dismantled and removed.

The mayor pointed to an increase in cases of emerging coronavirus and the emergency system that had been imposed in the city.

According to him, many citizens try to dismantle these statues on their own, and they organize numerous meetings, which increases the risk of Covid-19 infection spreading.

In addition, the mayor added, trying to demolish the statues puts them at risk of injury. The mayor linked his decision to the urgent need to protect the lives and health of citizens.


On July 1, a statue of General Thomas Jackson, one of the most popular Confederate leaders, was removed from the city's Corniche of Statues.

Source: Interfax

By:Nadeemy Haded


The Ross Cosmos Foundation considers that the engines of the rescue system are located directly behind the wall of the booth, the lack of conformity to their standards and the absence of a normal toilet are defects in the Dragon-2 vehicle.

Ross Cosmos announced on its official website, "A number of experts are questioning the safety of the vehicle's crew, and alongside it are two tons of toxic fuel (nitrogen oxide and Monomethylhydrazine) which are being pumped to the rescue system's engines under high pressure."

According to experts, the explosion of the vehicle during the 2019 tests on the ground proves that these doubts are true.

In addition, the Dragon-2 spacecraft is wider than the Soyuz spacecraft because it is designed to accommodate seven astronauts, "but NASA has reduced the crew to 4 astronauts, due to the lack of this currently, and this means that the spacecraft is too large to carry out its primary mission - transport Astronauts to the International Space Station and bring them back to Earth. "

However, despite its capacity, comfortable seats and spacious windows, Dragon-2 does not provide comfortable health services. Because “astronauts who used the space shuttle on their space trips complained that the toilet was separated from the cabin by a symbolic curtain. But if the size of the space shuttle’s cabin is 74.5 cubic meters, the size of the Dragon -2’s cabin is equal to only 10 cubic meters and the toilet is behind a curtain Also". While the toilet is located in a "Soyuz" vehicle in a separate room from the cabin.

Despite all these flaws, the writer notes, the emergence of the Dragon-2 spacecraft after efforts lasting nearly 20 years, the United States acquired a more reliable spacecraft than the Space Shuttle, which is also very different from it in operation and at a lower cost. He added, the Dragon's rescue system included the rescue of the crew from the moment it supplied the transport missile with fuel until it was separated from the last stage of the missile. This distinguishes it from the space shuttle.

Source: Novosti

By:Nadeemy Haded


Heiko Maas, German Foreign Minister, announced that his country will seize the opportunity of its rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council to push for a resolution on the Coruna virus pandemic.

Mas blamed the United Nations' highest body for not having decided yet to respond to this global crisis, which he described as "evidence of deficits."

Mas added: "The Security Council cannot stand silent, while the whole world is dealing with such a pandemic."

Germany is to assume the rotating presidency of the Security Council for a month, starting next July.

A dispute between the United States and China over the role of the World Health Organization has hindered a Security Council resolution on the Corona pandemic.

US President Donald Trump accused the World Health Organization of favoring China.

Source: DBA

By:Nadeemy Haded


Russia has expressed its willingness to supply medicines against "Covid-19" and its diagnostic equipment and vaccine against it to the global pharmaceutical market.

This was announced by the Russian Health Minister, Mikhail Murashko, at the "Global Global Goal, Uniting for the Future" summit.

The Minister pointed out that since the early days of the spread of the Corona virus, Russia has provided support to European countries, America and Asia, as well as to international institutions, including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union and the World Health Organization.

"Taking into account the risk of a second wave of the epidemic in the world, Russia is ready to supply to other countries anti-virus drugs, diagnostics and the Russian vaccine," he added.

It is reported that Russian doctors vaccinated two teams of volunteers in the process of testing the new vaccine. The Russian Ministry of Defense, whose members make up the lion's share of volunteers, had previously reported that participants in the vaccine test had no negative reactions to the vaccine.

As for the head of the Genetic Engineering Laboratory, Pavel Voltskov, he explained that vaccine tests usually go through 3 stages and take a long time. But the conditions of the spread of the epidemic forced Russian scientists to reduce the period of testing for the vaccine.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

By:Nadeemy Haded

 American state is moving to amend its flag after the Floyd incidentMedia reports said that the US Mississippi House of Representatives voted to go ahead with a process that might result in the removal of a Confederate emblem from the state flag, and its governor pledged to pass the bill.

Tate Reeves, the Republican governor of Mississippi, who belongs to the Republican Party, said in a tweet on his Twitter account yesterday, Saturday, that the time has come to end the dispute, after lawmakers reached a dead end several days ago when discussing the state's new flag issue, stressing that he would sign the bill If sent to him.

Reports added that the House voted in favor of the measure with the approval of 85 members and 4 objections, indicating that it would need Senate approval before submitting it to the state governor.

Protests across the United States of America against racial discrimination and police brutality after the death of black American George Floyd, during his detention, have prompted calls for the removal of the Confederate Monument and other symbols associated with slavery in the United States.

Source agencies

By:Nadeemy Haded

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