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Experts involved in developing a vaccine against the emerging coronavirus in the United States fear that the Donald Trump administration will seek approval to use the drug before the November presidential election.

The New York Times, quoting informed sources, said that some employees of the departments of the American companies involved in making the vaccine are "constantly under pressure from the White House, which hopes to obtain good news." They stress that they are "afraid of political interference" in this work in the coming months.

The newspaper added: "Experts inside and outside the government fear that the White House will press the US Food and Drug Quality Administration to overlook any lack of necessary data, and urgently and urgently agree to the use of the vaccine even for specific groups of people, before the November 3 elections. ".

The article included comments from Paul Offit, a Pennsylvania State University specialist on the FDA's emerging vaccine advisory board. This specialist believes that the Washington administration may speed up the approval of the vaccine. According to the expert, some specialists are "really worried about that."

Source: Tass

By:Nadeemy Haded


The South Korean Ministry of Unity announced today, Tuesday, that North Korea discharged 3 times the water from the Huang Kang Dam in the area of ​​the Upper Jin River, on the western border from last July until today.

A South Korean official said that the water level at the Bel Seung Bridge reached 2,99 meters and it did not reach a level of concern, and the government is cooperating closely with the concerned authorities to follow the response system, in preparation for the possible rise in the water level in the south.

North Korea had previously drained water from the Huang Kang Dam without prior notice in September 2009, killing 6 residents of a town in Gyeonggi Province. In October of the same year, the two Koreas agreed to inform the North to the South of the advance of water discharge.

Pyongyang had told Seoul 3 times to open the dam doors in the past, but the last notification was in 2013.

The South Korean official stressed that Seoul insists on the need to adhere to the agreements between the two Koreas, expressing his country's regret at the lack of cooperation between the two Koreas on natural disasters due to the strained relations politically and militarily at the present time.

Source: "Yonhap"

By:Nadeemy Haded


The Japanese government, headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is preparing to study the possibility of developing capabilities for preemptive strikes against missile bases on the territory of a potential enemy

According to Japanese government television, a group of military experts from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in the country today sent a proposal, in particular, to the government.

The prepared document indicates that Japan needs to strengthen the deterrence system, in addition to the ability to intercept ballistic missiles, including on enemy territory, against the background of the unstable situation on the Korean peninsula.

At the same time, a group of experts, which includes in particular, former Minister of Defense Etsunori Onodera, believes that maintaining the current defense-oriented policy is a priority, with the necessity of viewing preventive strikes on hostile bases as a last option with the absence of other means to defend self

As the Yomiuri newspaper reported earlier, "The expert group held several rounds of consultations and prepared several specific ways to strengthen the missile defense system after abandoning plans to deploy two ground complexes for the American Aegis anti-missile system."

The Japanese newspaper saw that the first option at the present time is to form a group of low-orbiting satellites, to effectively track missile launches by the potential enemy.

Another plan assumes the purchase of additional ships equipped with Aegis missile defense systems, while Japan now has seven ships of this type, and by March next year is expected to add another ship to its arsenal.

The newspaper points out that the main defect, in the event that such a decision is taken, is the lack of additional left-wingers to form new crews, noting that the last option also includes the purchase of a strong ground radar operating in conjunction with the missile defense system already in Japan.

Source: Tass

By:Nadeemy Haded

In an interview with Axios, US President Donald Trump said that the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire accused of sexual harassment of minors, in prison, was not a fact.

Trump was asked to explain why he wished publicly, all the best for the detained British Gillyn Maxwell in the United States on charges of Epstein's participation in the crime of sexual exploitation of minors, so he said: "Her boyfriend or lover died in prison committing suicide or was killed. She is now in prison. I wished her well", The US president stressed that Maxwell's guilt has not yet been proven in court.

And Trump added, "Her lover died in prison, and people are still trying to figure out how it happened. Was it the reason for that killing or suicide?" Trump said he believed there was no definitive answer to this question yet.

It is reported that Geoffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019 in New York, and committed suicide in prison on August 10 of last year, before the trial process for sexual trafficking in enslaved women began.

Epstein was accused of founding a criminal network, which allowed him to sexual exploitation and abuse of dozens of underage girls.

Reports suggest that he continued the slave trade until 2019, and some of his presumed victims were less than 14 years old. As for Gillyn Maxwell, she is the daughter of media magnate Robert Maxwell, who owned one of the oldest publishing houses in the world - Macmillan.

The US Attorney confirmed that she was in close relationship with Epstein, and assisted him in committing sexual crimes.

Source: Tass

By:Nadeemy Haded


A powerful explosion occurred at a chemical plant in Hubei Province, Tuesday, by the BJD website.

The site said that the accident occurred last night at a chemical production facility in Liuhe Town, Santiago. According to the information available by 7:00 (02:00 Moscow time) on Tuesday morning, the explosion killed six people and injured four others.

Fourteen fire engines and more than 100 rescuers were dispatched to the scene. The establishment has completely suspended production, and the cause and circumstances of the accident are being investigated.

Last June, a liquefied gas tanker truck exploded in China, killing 18 people, and another 166 were hospitalized. The accident occurred on the G-15 motorway.

Source: Izvestia

By:Nadeemy Haded

Tuesday, 04 August 2020 19:07

Isaias "hits North Carolina


The US National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane "Isaias" struck North Carolina with a storm of the first degree, as the wind speed reached 85 miles per hour (140 km).

The hurricane hit the southern part of the state near the "Ocean Isle Beach", and meteorologists warned of heavy rains carried by the hurricane, in addition to strong winds that pose a threat to residents and property.

Faced with this threat, US President Donald Trump announced a state of emergency in Florida and North and South Carolina, with the aim of releasing federal funds.

He warned during a press conference that "everyone should remain vigilant" and said: "I encourage everyone to follow the directions of local authorities and states."

At the end of the week, North Carolina's governor, Roy Cooper, called for good behavior, such as not driving on flooded roads, taking shelter in a safe place, and preparing emergency equipment.

Source: AFP

By:Nadeemy Haded


Today, the death toll from confirmed infections in the newly registered Coronavirus in the Philippines has crossed the 100,000 mark, while doctors have sounded the alarm about the epidemiological situation in the country.

In the Philippines, the death toll from the virus that causes Covid-19 disease has risen to an unprecedented rise for the fourth consecutive day, with the Ministry of Health recording 5,032 new cases of the epidemic in the past 24 hours (compared to 4,963 cases the previous day).

During the last day, the Ministry monitored 20 new deaths due to infection, compared to 17 deaths yesterday.

This brings the total number of "Covid-19" infections recorded in the Philippines since the beginning of the pandemic 103,185, of which 2,059 were deaths.

It is scheduled to meet Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte today with the government to discuss the appeal made yesterday by 80 groups representing 80 thousand doctors and a million nurses in the country to the authorities to re-tighten the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the epidemic.

In the largest appeal of its kind, the doctors acknowledged that the country was "losing its battle" against the Corona virus, warning of the danger of the health system collapsing in light of the large increase in the number of infected people.

Doctors urged the government to re-enforce stricter two-week closures in the capital, Manila, which is the largest epidemic in the Philippines and southern provinces.

Source: Reuters

By:Nadeemy Haded

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