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   Jeremy Renner is taking aim at legendary gunfighter John Henry “Doc” Holliday. PalmStar

Media has optioned the rights to two Mary Doria Russell novels, Doc and Epitaph: A Novel of the O.K. Corral, that are being developed as a Renner starring vehicle.

PalmStar’s Kevin Frakes will produce the as-yet untitled film alongside Renner and Don Handfield’s The Combine, a company whose credits include the Michael Keaton starrer The Founder. The Combine inked a first-look deal with PalmStar in 2015.


According to Deadline, Renner is stepping back into the lead once again as John Henry “Doc” Holliday, the Atlanta dentist-turned-Wild West icon who accompanied Wyatt Earp in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral in the Arizona territory in 1881. The film will be based on two books about Holliday – Doc and Epitaph: A Novel Of The O.K. Corral – written by Mary Doria Russell, which were optioned by Palmstar Media. Renner and Don Handfield’s The Combine production house will produce the film along with Palmstar’s Kevin Frakes. In a statement, Renner and Handfield say:

“We are excited to re-introduce this classic American character to a whole new audience by chronicling Doc Holliday’s incredible transformation from Average Joe dentist to a man who Wyatt Earp called the ‘nerviest, speediest, deadliest man with a six-gun [he] ever knew.’”

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