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The Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdou, who is over 70 years old and famous for her exciting TV series, returns to the belly dance again after a pause for many years.

The news isn't a surprise as she looked recently in a photo session as a young lady in age of 20. The dancer decided to return to her job again because she want the egyptian to be back to their originality.

Abdou said that art has nothing to do with the age, saying:

"I prefer dancing to the end of my life and till my spirit get out.. And the money can not be buying health, love and age." Fifi Abdou said 

During her official conference on one of the biggest hotels in Cairo, she added  that the reason for her return to dance because there is no substitute for her absence and a lot of current dancers from the foreigners learned to dance by watching her like Shakira and that belly dancing is currently going to die because of the foreign dancers who pulled the rug from Egyptians and no longer see great dancers such as egyptian dancer  Samia Jamal and Tahia Karioka and others. Fifi Abdou is one of the most famous dancers of Egypt, and in the present time...

The decision is not surprising as the character of Fifi Abdou enjoys with fun and lightness of the blood as she is a lover of life and maintain on her youth .So all these reasons encouraged her to return to dance, especially after the footage was shown via Instagram while she is dancing and get the admire of her followers and fans.

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