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   During the opening of number national mega projects in Ismailia and Port Said Governorates, the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi  said during his speech Egyptians that the Egyptian borders are safe and secured ,as well there is no danger to them and no one dare to approach them because there is a strong army will defend them for the last drop of blood.

"We are a country that respects the rights of all peoples and we are not greedy. We don't seek to take the wealth of others  or have a greed attitude in their lands, and therefore we can defend our lands and borders very well and there is no fear at all.

The President promised to eliminate terrorism in Sinai and to end this problem very soon. Alsisi also praised the role of Sinai Egyptians in dealing with the army and the police in the process of fighting the this occasion the president said the state starts the road of development in Sinai with 100 Billions he affirmed that Sinai is Egyptian lands and won't leave a point of its dust to any one.

From other point ,The president stressed that we are in a real war with terrorism and we do not fight against the opposition because the terrorists are mostly non-Egyptian nationalities and possess smuggled weapons supported by countries that finance terrorism and send it to us to destabilize Egypt ... But I am not afraid of them or others because we are a strong country and united , Egyptians are one hand.


This speech  of  high excellence President Abdul Fattah Alsisi has come during the  Opening of a number of mega projects in the governorates of Ismailia and Port Said

And this through the opening of several floating bridges linking the east of the canal in the West to facilitate the movement of the people of Sinai

And will also inspect the stages of the completion of the four tunnels that will link Sinai with its Egyptian depth, which passes under the Suez Canal and are established by the Engineering Corps in the armed forces with Egyptian engineering companies and international expertise.


The President will also complete the opening of the second phase of the fish farms projects in Port Said and Suez .This will also announce other openings for productive projects for the eastern coastal governorates of Egypt in the framework of the development plan presented by President Sisi since he took office in 2014.


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    The spokesman of the Egyptian armed forces, Colonel Tamer Rifai, announced on the establishment of the Libyan army in Egypt and  by the hands of the sons of the military establishment of Libya, where the statement, which was published on the official page on Facebook,and said:

Statement of the Committee appointed on the Libyan issue

The Lebanese Armed Forces have completed efforts to reorganize and build the Libyan army on the land of egypt, where the Egyptian Committee concerned with Libya  under the chairmanship of Major General Mohammad Al-Keshki,received Assistant Minister of Defense. , A delegation of Libyan soldiers from October 29 to November 2 in Cairo.

The presence of Libyan military personnel was completed their discussion and after the confirmation of the national constants and their detailed discussions on various ideas and solutions to inaugurate a new stage on the march of unification of the Libyan military establishment. A group of specialized technical committees were formed to discuss the mechanisms of unifying the military establishment and studying all the concerns that support the achievement of this track. These discussions on topics related to the nature of the relationship between the civil authority and the military establishment as well as the process of restructuring and organization of the military.


The Egyptian side paid tribute to all the efforts exerted by the committees of the military establishment to support this purely Libyan path in accordance with the requirements of the Libyan national interest.

The Libyan military appealed to attendees to support all the Libyan people and to not be dragged behind the efforts of any party to undermine this effort in support of the unification of the military institution, which contributes to the acceleration of the pace of stability.

Libyan military personnel reiterated their appeal to national media institutions to shoulder their professional responsibilities to support this course and to spare the military establishment the whims of political rivalries as conscious national media as an additional tool to create broad consensus among the military to reach the desired goal of defending the soil of Libya and the constants of the national state.

The meeting agreed to resume the meeting in Cairo again to complete the consultation on the procedural steps required after returning home to present what was accomplished during this round and to ratify the implementation of the proposals reached by the committees to unify the Libyan military establishment.

God protected Libya land and people ... and according to its armed forces to what is good.

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By/ Nada Ebrahim
The spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces colonel Tamer El- Rifai  announced on Thursday that The Egyptian Air Force managed to thwart an attempt to penetrate the western border and destroy 10 (4x4) vehicles laden with ammunition, weapons and materials smuggled across the Egyptian border.
El- Rifai  added During a statement published through his official account on the site "Facebook", that the air force groups canvassed Egyptian border , followed hostile targets, confirmed their coordinates , dealt with them, and destroyed 10 of (4x4) vehicles loaded with quantities of weapons and ammunition, he also stressed the prosecution and seizure of the criminal elements by the armed forces.
This came as part of the continued efforts of the air force and border guards to secure the Egyptian border to prevent any attempt to infiltrate or penetrate the border on all strategic directions.  

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by ;Abeer Almadawy 

In a press release issued by both the Egyptian and Russian Defense Ministry in which said that the training of The protective of mutual friendship 2017, which comes in cooperation between the Egyptian and the Russian armies began its effectiveness on Sunday through the start of training activities for Russian air force and parachute units, Russia from September 9 to September 22

 The statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense in this regard said that the activities started with "the arrival of the Egyptian forces to the training area in the city of Novorisk, Russia. The symbolic elements of the participating forces from both sides were raised. The Egyptian and Russian flags were raised and the military music played the national peace of the two friendly countries."

The training is the first of its kind in Egypt in October 2016. It is one of the most important joint exercises for parachuting units, which represents a fertile environment for the exchange of different training experiences.

It includes many activities and events, The work of the projection of personnel, equipment and armored vehicles, as well as training in combat operations of special forces and counter terrorism in accordance with the latest modern training systems.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday that the joint Russian-Egyptian parachute exercise was the first of its kind since it was being conducted on Russia's territory, explaining that its aim was to develop common standards between the two sides in the airdrops.

The Russian ministry said the tactical exercises would take place on mountainous terrain in the military field of Ravenskoye, and would involve about 600 soldiers from both countries, as well as 100 units of military equipment.

Source: The Egyptian and Russian Ministries of Defense - Russia today

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By /Abeer Almadawy


Egyptian army is known with its power as it is ranked as the first Arab and is considered one of the strongest armies in the world and comes in the tenth rank according to the last classification
On June 2, 2016, Egypt received the first Mestral helicopter carrier, nicknamed Gamal Abdel Nasser, The second carrier took over in September of the same year ... But after a while Egypt discovered that both of the two normal pieces that changed its combat and did not enter the technology and
Quoting the site of Russia today, saying that Egypt has used the Russian experience to convert the pilots of the two planes, Mistral Abdel Nasser and Sadat, which got them in two deals from France after the disruption of these relations between Russia and France because of sanctions  by EU. 
And that Egypt has received the two Mestral  from France earlier last year discovered that they are devoid of technology
And thus formed a development committee for both carriers and so Russia will provide full support and stability of the deal to lead the training of Egyptian pilots in addition to the development and addition of technology for these carriers
According to the site of Russia today said

"Egypt obtained Mistral from France, but without the technology of the Mistral ships and its own armament equipment, which Russia had built so that Mistral would not be a naval vessel like any ship that could not launch naval attacks."
The report provided information that Russia would cooperate with Egypt to transform
 "Mistral" Egyptian to lethal weapon, how will you do this?

Russia has been preparing after the negotiations with Egypt to supply special equipment and technology to Egypt, to prepare the aircraft carriers "Mistral"
Egypt looked for a state that could turn these ships from ordinary navy into a deadly naval weapon, and finally found that Russia was the best country in this cooperation, especially since it had already manufactured the equipment and technology of the carriers.
In this regard, Russia has proposed to Egypt to supply the Egyptian Mestral helicopters with weapons systems, modern military equipment, electronic warfare devices, navigation equipment and auxiliary devices
Not only did Russia provide total support to Egypt through modern technology, but it had already won a big tender announced by Egypt, and will supply 15 helicopters of the type "Ka 52k" (crocodile) to Egypt before the end of this year, Russia ", Andrey Boginsky:" In August we plan to supply the second batch of three helicopters "Ka 52K" to Egypt.
He added: "The first three helicopters were supplied, and the Egyptian experts are being trained to use them." In general, 15 K-52 helicopters are scheduled to be supplied to the applicant in 2017.
The K-52K is an amendment to the Ka 50, known as the Black Shark, designed to detect and identify various targets, both mobile and fixed, as well as the destruction of armored vehicles, enemy helicopters and low-flying aircraft.
The main distinguishing feature of the Marine version of the "Ka 52K" helicopter is the carrier system, which allows the chopper blades to fit into the "Mistral" carrier.

In 2011, Russia and France signed a contract under which Paris would supply 1.2 million Euros with two helicopters. The contract provided that Moscow would receive the first carrier in November 2014, but the situation in Ukraine The sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis prevented the fulfillment of Paris obligations under the deal.
Later, France agreed with Egypt to sell the ships. The first was handed over last June and Gamal Abdel Nasser was named. In September, Egypt received the second helicopter carrier named Anwar Sadat.

Source: RT-TASS

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Few days ago  the spokesman of the Egyptian army released a video shows an impossible mission for a brave army officer who noticed a car occupied by number of terrorist belong to ISIL and he suspected in them as suicide bomber.

The army vehicle moved to get the car away but they aimed to get close of him, then the officer be sure that this is a bomber car was on a suicide mission and lives were at risk near a military security checkpoint in North Sinai.

The scene was difficult as there were tens of civilians behind him in their cars as well other army crew of cars...without thinking the brave army officer " Mohammed Talat Almesary" took the decision and turned round then get over it to smash at all, and no soon the car exploded with its 100 kilogram of explosion... The officer did his mission and he knows may  the car exploded in him, but  he doesn't care of his life,because his interest is to save the people and prevent the killers of the terrorists...Mohammed Talat Almesary saved about hundred people in this incident.

No one was hurt, during his turn with the tank, he did not touch a single car in the stalled road
Only seven persons, including suicide bombers, were killed.

The video showed a great miracle in how to climb that skill on the car bombarded with explosives, which amounted to 100 kilos of explosives and no one was injured during the attack and run over the car

Egypt suffers from terrorism and fights on its own behalf on behalf of the world and foils many terrorist operations in the Sinai and western Egypt on the Libyan border

Seven civilians, including two children, were killed when the car bomb exploded but the quick thinking of the tank crew appears to have averted a much higher death toll.

The explosion happened 200 metres from its military target, “when an Egyptian soldier used a tank to stop the vehicle,” according to an Egyptian army statement.

The victims — three men, two women and two children -- “happened to be in the area in front of the ambush during the blast,” the statement added, without saying when the incident happened.

“The explosion was large, carrying about 100 kilograms of high explosives,” an army spokesman said in the statement.

Egypt’s military is battling a local affiliate of the Islamic State group that has waged a deadly insurgency in the northern Sinai, killings hundreds of members of the security forces.

Since the revolution of 30 june 2013 and the muslim brother group covering with the support of Qatar, Turkey and others ,attacked Egypt with terrorist operations that killed hundred of Egyptians...they also attacked the christians and exploded more 32 churches, the last two churches were attacked one  in Alexandria and the other in Tanta city , killed more than 54 Egyptian Christians and injured about 154...

Also they launch deadly attacks on North Sinia and aimed to kill  army and police troops ...The war still on its field but it needs the free voice of the world to stand beside Egypt who try hardly to defeat the terrorism as well to secure its people from Christians and muslims , building a strong country wants to live in peace and search for a place to it in the modern civilization .

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