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   As Egypt today is celebrating with the opening of 2 mega projects in the administrative capital city, the first the opening of the Mosque" Alftah Alalem" the largest in the world, and the second is the opening of the Cathedral birth of the Christ , the biggest in the middle east at all, U.S. president Donald Trump praised Egypt and the president Abdul fattah Alsisi for expand egypt to hold more inclusive future, as he said in his twitter.

"Excited to see our friends in Egypt opening the biggest Cathedral in the Middle East. President El-Sisi is moving his country to a more inclusive future!"

Most of his followers asked him where's the biggest mosque in the united states, other said why you forget the opening of mosque as it is other biggest project ?

However Egypt is happy with the declaration of trump and his praises ,considering as a good point for more understanding the Egyptian vision who respect all the religions and care with the 2 Egyptian partners.

In a country has more 100 millions , more than 88 million of them are muslims and 12 are christians , egypt paid a great role in this file to equal between both partners in building the churches and mosques ,Though the number of Muslims are seven double the christians and they need more mosques so the principle to do an equalviation is not right , but according to the stress fall on Egypt and how the outers used this paper to indulge egypt in troubles and terrorism, It worked hardly to equal between the Muslims and a good model of understanding and saving this country with peace and respect.


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Friday, 04 January 2019 18:43

Donald Trump and destruction of the USA

Written By| Michael Blair

Donald Trump appears to be falling apart mentally

It's almost as if the enormity of the job has suddenly hit him, and he cannot cope with the realisation.
This of course was something I expected to happen. When I wrote about him before he became President, I said he wasn't mentally strong enough to deal with the constant pressure of being the President of the United States of America.
 He hugely underestimated the size of the position he was getting into, and he is crumbling before our very eyes. Or is he? 
Some of the strangest decisions he has made, have been because he knew that no one could or would be able to do anything about it.
 To me, he had found out that as President, there was nothing in the constitution to stop him. Once he had tested the water and found he couldn't be stopped, he was a rogue President. 
What has amazed me during this period of chaos, is the fact that the entire government structure of America has no way of removing a President unless he has done something so bad, that he would have to resign the Presidency the way Nixon had done. 
But if Nixon had discovered what Trump has, he probably could have survived and stayed in office. 
It's difficult to know exactly what is going through Trump's mind at any given time. He is so erratic, anything is possible. 
One decision appears to be helping some of the huge corporations to destroy some of the most protected Federal lands. 
He also wants the coal industry to be brought back to life, despite the huge pollution of air, land and water. 
He never appeared to be part of the big boys club who are having more and more influence on how the USA is regulated. Trump doesn't seem to have business ties with them, and some of them are now distancing themselves from the Trump circus. 
It's all a bit of a mystery. Who is Trump actually representing? 
Does he know to whom he is appealing? 
His core support will always be there because he looks like a guy who is putting the establishment's noses out of joint. 
But if he has designs on running for the Presidential nomination in 2020, he needs much more than the middle American vote. 
He has to reconnect with the disgruntled Democrats who switched to the Republican cause in 2016, but that's no longer likely to happen. The midterm elections have shown that the appetite for another extended period of Trumpism is definitely not what they want. 
This will be a fascinating and possibly dangerous 18 months for the USA, leading up to the 2020 Presidential election. 
Will Trump become completely unhinged and have to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming? 
Or will he decide to run against whoever comes out of the Republican pack to challenge for the nomination? 
Only time will tell, and we can guess all we want, but I'm pretty sure we won't get much of it correct. 


The Justice Department asked an appeals court Dec. 17 to halt an anti-corruption lawsuit against President Donald Trump before tax returns and financial documents from Trump-connected businesses and people have to be provided under subpoena. Thirty-eight subpoenas have been sent so far to Trump associates and some federal officials.

The trial court judge previously ruled that the case brought by the attorneys general of Delaware and Washington, D.C. could proceed, and authorized subpoenas that would give the plaintiffs insight into the financial operations of the Trump Organization, which operates a major hotel in D.C. that receives bookings from foreign officials and governments.

The Justice Department argued in its appeals filing that because the president will likely have the case heard by a higher court, the appeals court should halt the proceedings and take up the lawsuit directly, or simply dismiss the lawsuit entirely. Trump’s lawyers said in the filing that “litigating the claims would entail intrusive discovery into the President’s personal financial affairs and the official actions of his Administration, including through third-party subpoenas to government agencies.”

The states’ lawsuit alleges that Trump’s ownership stake in the Trump Organization violates the foreign emoluments clause in the Constitution that prohibits federal officials from receiving gifts or salaries from foreign governments without approval by Congress.

D.C.’s attorney general, Karl Racine, said in a statement, that the president “is going to extraordinary lengths to try to stop us from gathering information about how he is illegally profiting from the presidency.”

The emoluments provision has never been tested in court, but the judge overseeing the lawsuit said in November that the Trump administration’s reading that emoluments only meant outright bribes was too narrow, and that it could encompass earnings as well.

The Trump administration has repeatedly asked appeals courts and the Supreme Court to intervene in cases actively underway in discovery or trial phases before a judge or jury has reached a decision. Under prior administrations, this was rare, and the strategy hasn’t generally succeeded for the current government.

Typically, higher courts wait for proceedings to reach a conclusion, unless irreversible damage can be shown from a case’s normal progression. But the novel nature of this lawsuit means that this appeal has the potential for at least partial success: The appeals court could suspend the case while it reviews whether the trial court judge erred on whether the attorneys general had the standing to sue or whether emoluments could be invoked.

The Trump Organization said it would donate any profits to the U.S. treasury from hotel revenue that met the foreign-government test, and has donated once so far. But the group hasn’t allowed outside auditing or released financial information to support how it calculated profits.

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New york;

 After the anxiety debate about the decision of moving the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv to the west jerusalem which elders advisors refused as it came by the prime ministers  Scott Morrison,who is influenced with Donald Trump The American president who took the same decision last year...At saturday the australian govt.took its decision by considering the west of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Trump administration has welcomed the Morrison government's decision to officially recognise West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, describing the decision  as "a step in the right direction" and a "recognition of reality".

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's decision to follow the US and recognise Jerusalem has been applauded by the Netanyahu government, although Israeli officials have said they are disappointed the Australian embassy will remain in Tel Aviv for now.But Palestinian and Malaysian authorities strongly criticised the move, saying it would undermine hopes of a two-state solution.


"Australia’s announcement on Jerusalem is a step in the right direction," a US State Department spokeswoman told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Almost exactly one year ago, President Trump was the first head of state to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and announce his intent to move his nation’s embassy to Jerusalem.

"As the President stated, for the United States, recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a recognition of reality."

The spokeswoman said Australia's decision acknowledged the fact Jerusalem had been the seat of the modern Israeli government for 70 years and was the home of its parliament and Supreme Court.


"We encourage other governments to follow President Trump’s lead in acknowledging this reality, recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and moving their embassies to Jerusalem," the spokeswoman said.

By contrast, the Malaysian foreign ministry attacked the government's "premature" decision to recognise West Jerusalem as Israel's capital, describing it as a "humiliation" of the Palestinians and their hopes for statehood.

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said: "The policies of this Australian administration have done nothing to advance the two-state solution."

The international community has long believed that the recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel's capital and of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine would be part of a final two-state solution.

In a speech to the Sydney Institute on Saturday, Morrison said that peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine had reached a "rancid stalemate" and a new approach was needed.

"Slavish adherence to the conventional wisdom over decades appears only to be further entrenching this stalemate, providing a leave pass for continued inaction," he said.

Source| The Sydney Morning Herald

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President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit in the Argentine capital on September 29, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

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London- Castle Journal

British Prime Minister Theresa May commented and described the U.S president Donald Trump concerns about Britain's Brexit agreement that has been approved by all 27 remaining European Union leaders last Sunday, with "the unhelpful".

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Reported by / Abeer Almadawy

Though  all the criticism that posed  to the U.S. President Donald Trump for his situation with Saudi Arabia because of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi ,Trump declared today in an interview his defense for Saudi Arabia as an important ally in the Middle East despite the  “very vicious” murder of Khashoggi.

In an aired interview ,Trump was asked about  the case of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi and if US will take a decision of punishment against Saudi Arabia for committing this brutal crime as well he was asked about crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman if he was indulging in this crime and if he who ordered to kill  Khashoggi?

president Trump replied  that Saudi Arabia is an important Ally in the Middle East while the crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman had no knowledge about the killing.

 Adding ; Well, will anybody really know?” US president Donald Trump said

Also the US president was asked whether he listened to the audio recording of the murder or not ?

Trump said During the Fox News interview, that Turkey has given the U.S. government the tape but he doesn't want to listen to It because of it’s a suffering .

" it’s a terrible tape.” US president added

The interview was taped on Friday, hours before government sources said the CIA had briefed the Trump administration on the murder and its belief that MbS ordered it.

Trump said on Saturday that the CIA assessment was “very premature” and in the interview that aired on Sunday he said it may never be possible to know who ordered Khashoggi’s murder.

Trump faces intense pressure from senior Democratic and Republican lawmakers to take tougher action against Saudi Arabia. Some have said the United States should suspend arms sales to the kingdom and drop his support for MbS, but Trump has so far resisted that pressure.

The U.S. government on Thursday imposed economic sanctions on 17 Saudi officials for their alleged role in the killing, but the sanctions did not target the Saudi government.


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