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The American company "Apple" has received a rare punishment, after nearly 3 years of admitting to deliberately slowing down its older phones without informing users of this procedure.

The punishment, which came from the continent of Europe, was imposed by the Competition and Anti-Fraud Control Authority in France, which is a fine of 27 million dollars, accusing "Apple" of "a crime of deception."

The French regulatory authority confirmed that consumers have not received a notification that their old phones, manufactured by "Apple", will witness a deliberate reduction in operating speed, according to the BBC, "BBC".

In 2017, Apple confirmed that it had taken steps to slow the speed of some of the phones it produces, but justified what it had done by wanting that "these phones live longer."

The company issued a statement confirming that it had reached a settlement of the problem with the French regulatory body.

Why does Apple reduce the speed of its old phones?

IPhone users say Apple has reduced the speed of its old phones to encourage consumers to buy new versions of its phones.

But the company denied in 2017 that, and said that the lithium batteries running on these phones could no longer keep up with operating needs and updates after being used for many years.

She added that the reduced capacity of the batteries may cause the phone to turn off to protect its electronic components.

Therefore, Apple released a smartphone update for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE models, which had poor battery performance.

These practices were confirmed after viewing performance tests for consumers on the "Reddit" site, it is likely that the iPhone 6S smartphone decreased significantly, but it regained its speed again after changing the battery.

What did the regulatory body say?

The Competition and Anti-Fraud Control Authority in France confirmed that users of Apple phone devices "have not received notification that new updates to iOS may reduce the speed of their phones."

According to the official conditions, "Apple" should publish on its website in French an explanation of any change in the operation of phones for at least a month.

The French regulatory authority indicated that "Apple committed a crime of deception, for intentionally concealing customer notification, and that it agreed to pay the fine."

According to "BBC", "Apple" has continued to reduce the speed of phones of older models since it confirmed that it does so in 2017.

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