By: Nadeemy Haded

European airport sources delivered a record number of aircraft in December, exceeding their target for 2019, and taking first place in the aircraft industry, from its American competitor "Boeing", which is passing through trouble, sources at airports and monitoring destinations said on Wednesday.

The sources added that Airbus, which industrial problems forced it to cut its target for 2019 deliveries between 32 percent in October, mobilized additional resources until hours before midnight on the eve of the new year to reach 863 aircraft for the year, up 7.9 percent from 800 aircraft in 2018.

Airbus declined to comment on the numbers, which are to be reviewed before they are completed and published, according to Reuters.

Aircraft manufacturers receive most of their revenues when delivering the aircraft, minus any previous payments, and therefore the volume of deliveries receives close follow-up from investors.

Boeing crisis

The US House of Representatives Communications Committee is leading an investigation into Boeing Max planes that were suspended from work in March after two crashes, dealing with the US company's response to the first crash and the role of regulators overseeing aircraft licensing.

The Boeing 737 MAX crash in less than five months plunged Boeing into the most serious crisis in its history.

And in a decision unprecedented in the history of modern aviation, all the global fleet of these planes has been prevented from flying since March 13.

The plane crashes of an airline, "Line Air", and another belonging to the Ethiopian Airlines on the tenth of March in similar circumstances, killed 346 people, and investigations indicated a defect in one of the information systems.

Source: Reuters

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