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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during his speech at the conference the global financial inclusion with the presence of the most important leaders of the economy in the world and the participation of 120 countries, said that the Egyptian government has taken a number of decisions in the past

Belongs to The reform of the Egyptian economy, which led to reduce the budget deficit during the last quarter of the past year 2016-2017  with 9.5%, stressing that they set their goal is to reduce inflation rates for nearly 13% in 2018.

The President added in his speech that Egypt aims to run reforms in Economic system so it can have an attractive program of investment on its territory , concurrently with the enactment of a number of laws that facilitate the movement of dealing and trading in investment, thus boosting the growth of the economy in Egypt, which actually occurred in the last quarter of last fiscal year by 4.9%.

President Sisi pointed out that there is a general orientation of the State to take care of small and medium projects to allow the participation of young people and with the support of their middle projects , it will raise the proportion of internal investments also.

Egypt also succeeded  In  the rise of the foreign currency reserve to over $ 36 billion , which is considered a great achievement in light of the decline of the global economy and the economic and political pressures on the country, including the war on terror.

Moreover, Egypt is striving to reduce inflation by 13% in 2018 and to consolidate the unified investment law and reduce the balance of trade deficit. He believes that all these factors are basically factors that attract investment.

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