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Castle Journal likes to spot on the world's writers who are most influencing by their brave and dare ideas which take the truth from its dead hole to the light .. Michael Blair is one from these writers who are talking about, during his trip with writing he added
This is a rare picture of drying the hair in 1920 It was invented in 1920,by Alexander Godfoa and the purpose is draining and drying hair.France was the first salon in the world. The surprise that this invention had been moved to Egypt after a few years in order
By|Abeer Almadawy Art is a language that embodies history. This is what appeared in the most famous international paintings that showed different periods of history of many ancient human civilizations, such as paintings found on papyrus, walls of temples and museums.The art movements showed many changes equal with to
The truth about William Wallace is WONDERFUL...To millions he is known as the brave heart the most famous personality in novels and movies.Actually his life was entirely shrouded in mystery. Brave heart was not William Wallace’s nickname, it was the nickname given to Robert The Bruce (King of the
Report/Christian Megan Since last February,2017 Castle Journal closed its websites because of a deadly attack from Hackers and a support of a thief who were stolen all Castle Journal websites and properties of lady Abeer Almadawy.So CJ stopped totally and cancelled most of its future plans. most of CJ
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