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The Egyptian-German archaeological mission working in Souq al-Khamis area in Matariya district uncovered a large number of fragments of the lower part of King Psmatik I' colossus, fragments of a colossal statue of king Ramses II and a part of the biggest statue of god Ra-Hor-Akhti. The discovery was
By|Abeer Almadawy Marilyn Monroe The biggest famous American star and the most loved woman over earth ever,had many secrets in her short life... Perhaps many people think she was a happy woman and she owned everything in her life. She was the most sexiest ,richest and desirable woman in
By / Heide Julz In the photo ( Aristotle onassis with his children, Alexander and Christina ) Of course you heard about Aristotle Socrates Onassis as he was the most rich man in the world...today Castle Zaman decided to remember him and share kind of his biography. Aristotle Onasis
By / Abeer Almadawy The Council of Muslim Sages has issued a warning to all the world's powers that are silent about the massacres that are taking place against the Rohingya community in Myanmar and that silence and slackness in stopping the violence towards the Rohingya Muslims is a
In its 2017 annual report issued after its 41st session held in July in Krakow, Poland, the World Heritage Committee , praised the progress carried out at Historic Cairo and the serious steps taken by Egypt to develop the area and preserve its architectural and urban heritage.Mohamed Abdel Aziz,
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