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By|abeer almadawy The Egyptian Antiquities Minister said that the transfer of Ramses II statue will be in a majestic procession worthy of him as one of the most important kings of Egypt and in line with the importance of the event. Naga on the western bank of Luxor. For
Researcher: Yassir Hasan Oukal Preface and Description of the Book Before dwelling into the detailed explanation of this book and its contents of insightful topics,let's to briefly introduce the saudi researcher Yasser Oukal so as to give youan idea of the work involved in this book which you will
By :Abeer Almadawy The joint coordination committee between Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments in Saudi Arabia held today at the headquarters of the Al-Azhar Sheikh to discuss the emerging issues on the scene and coordinate efforts to counter extremist ideology. The two sides discussed
Cairo In response to reports published in newspapers and social media claiming that the World Monuments Fund Under the umbrella of UNESCO has put the "Elvie Hanabi " Synagogue in Alexandria, on the World Heritage Endangered Listalong with other 24 buildings. Dr. Yasmin Al-Shazly, the General Supervisor of the
A Swiss-French Archaeological Mission from Geneva University succeed to uncover a pyramidion of granite, during the excavation works carried out at the area south of Saqqara necropolis. Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities explains that the measures of the pyramidion is 1,3 m high and
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