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In response to reports published in newspapers and social media claiming that the World Monuments Fund Under the umbrella of UNESCO has put the "Elvie Hanabi "  Synagogue in Alexandria, on the World Heritage Endangered Listalong with other 24 buildings. Dr. Yasmin Al-Shazly, the General Supervisor of the Department of International Organizations for Cultural and the International Cooperation at the Ministry of Antiquities, asserted that this fund is not affiliating UNESCO but only a non-governmental and non profitable organization.

Dr. Elshazly said that according to the rules and regulations of this fund any person or entity could nominate (according to his or her vision) any archaeological building on the list of this fund without a  complete scientific study proving that the building faces a real danger and does not receive the funding necessary to rescue it.

She continues that the synagogue is not on the UNESCO's World Heritage Endangered List as claimed and  the Egyptian government gives the same importance to all its monuments and heritage sites whether Ancient Egyptian or Jewish or Coptic or Islamic.

The Egyptian government has allocated a fund of LE 100 million to finance the restoration project of the synagogue, which has already started in August 2017  and will end within eight months. This confirms the Egyptian government's keenness to protect and preserve the synagogue as its a part of the Egyptian heritage and identity.

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