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  with sorrow feeling leaders of the world called high excellence president Abdul Fattah Alsis and Condoled him for the terrorist crime that happened in the church at south of Cairo- Helwan.


As the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud sent a cable of deepest condolences and sympathies to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Arab Republic of Egypt on the victims of the terrorist attack in Helwan.
"We have learned with deep sorrow about the news of the terrorist attack that took place in Helwan, resulted in deaths and injuries, and we express to you our strong condemnation and denunciation of this sinful terrorist act," the king said.
The King stressed that "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia firmly stands with the Arab Republic of Egypt and its people against whoever dares to harm Egypt's security and stability,"
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques further said that "On behalf of the people and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in my own name, we sent to you and families of the victims our sincere condolences and sympathies, wishing the injured a speedy recovery and the Egyptian people to be preserved from all evil."

from other side the President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt received today a telephone call from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, during which he expressed the condolences and sympathies of the UAE to the victims of the terrorist attack on MarMina Church in Helwan, South Cairo.
The Spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radhi, said in a statement that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi expressed his country's full solidarity with Egypt and stand by its side in countering terrorism, stressing the strength of fraternal relations and constructive cooperation between the two countries and peoples.

Algeria has strongly condemned the terrorist attack that targeted yesterday the church of Marmina in Helwan, south of Cairo, Egypt.
The official spokesman of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdulaziz bin Ali Al-Sharif stressed his country's full solidarity with Egypt, pointing out that Algeria is confident in the ability of Egypt and its security forces to deal firmly and forcefully with terrorism and its criminal acts.

USA president called president Sisi and send his support to Egypt in its war against terrorism as well as send his condolences to the egyptian people.

It is worth to add that there are 10 people were killed during the prayer in the church as well other 6  wounded in a deadly attack on the church ... the crime came in the way of terrorists attacks by the Daesh who did number of attacks on Mosques and churches the last period.

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Tunisia strongly condemned the terrorist attack that targeted yesterday the church of Marmina in Helwan, south of Cairo, Egypt.
In a statement issued today, Tunisian Foreign Ministry stressed on the importance to continue regional and international efforts and

strengthen coordination to counter the abhorrent phenomenon of terrorism that threatens the security and safety of the countries of the region and the world.

The criminal and terrorist incident was happened before yesterday at time of prayer in the church when a terrorist opened random fire on the prayers...where 10 were killed and 6 injuried.

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Reported by |Mohsen Al-Helw

Iraq- Baghdad

The Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information and the Middle East Commissioner for the International Commission for Human Rights warned of the political and security laxity witnessed by the region because they believe that the dangers of  the Islamic organization"Daesh  are over. The supporters of the organization are working in two directions: opening a new front in Africa.

In an interview with a reporter and director of the Castle Journal in Iraq, Ambassador Haitham Abu Saeed said that the dangers of a "Islamic organization- Daesh" have not yet ended, "as we have pointed out in several press releases and satellite channels about the dangers of the project represented by the organization and its president, The project is linked to the re-tightening of the party and its revival as a result of political and security laxity, which is linked to misleading suggestions by the authors of the draft organization implicitly, "adding that" there appear to be parties that believe that they have ended their risks and began to take less precautionary preparations, It is too early to speak of satisfaction in the overall picture. "

"It is clear that the organization has projects, and today the interest of its supporters is divided into two projects in order to create chaos in the world and in the region in particular. The Egyptian through Libya and the Sinai Front, which is the gateway to the rest of the Arab African countries and up to Morocco and Algeria. "

"The second project is the most dangerous, namely to work to maintain the current situation in the Middle East as it is, between political and military coups with pressure on the European community to intimidate him," Abu Said said. Of the elements fleeing from Syria and Iraq, which will constitute an internal threat to Western society, in order to pressure the European countries in multiple files is a place of attraction and differences with the United States and Israel.

The Secretary General of the European Department of Security and Information, Dr. Haitham Abu Said, referred to the files mentioned above, saying, "On top of these files, the Iranian nuclear file signed by the European countries with the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition to the Palestinian file and the latest Judaization of Jerusalem, which includes the new approach with Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies, who are clearly in a state of stagnation and tension at times, especially the financial measures and arrests that have been inflicted on senior princes, businessmen and capitalists. "

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Cairo - 25 - 11- 2017


    Egyptian Attorney General announced today the rise of the martyrs of the attack on the mosque in Al-Rawda in Bir al-Abed  near of Al-Arish city,north of Sinai  to 305, including 28 children under the age of ten and injured 128 people in the worst terrorist operation against Muslims in the Islamic countries at all.

Amid huge surprise hit the Egyptian and Arabic societies, and while they are preparing for the celebrating with the birthday of prophet Mohammed "PPUH", about 25 to 30 terrorists one group of 5 cars attacked
 a mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed, 20 km from the city of El-Arish,the terrorists belong to ISIL terrorist group "Daesh" who opened random fire on more than 500 people were praying , 305 people were killed according to the latest counting of the number of dead and about 128  wounded while 28 children were killed under 10 age  during Friday prayers.

It is noteworthy that the mosque is the only one in the city, which has a population of about 2500 people are all of them Muslims belonging to the Sufi community
In the view of the terrorists who have no religion to them, think that the Muslim Sufi is infidel...So they went and closed the doors or the mosque and opened the heavy fires one the prayers during their praying .
28 innocent children have been victims of this attack for less than 10 years. Almost all the families in that village have lost one of their relatives and now most of the women have lost their men.

 President of Egypt Abdul Fattah Alsisi met with Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, of the Security Committee, which includes the Ministers of Defense and Interior and the Head of the General Intelligence Service before tell a short word , promised the Egyptian to revenge for them strongly and they won't go out without punishment.

Last year in the same occasion the terrorists exploded 2 churches in Egypt one was in Tanta city and the others was in Alexandria, this year they chose the mosque of Muslims, to prove that they have no religions and Islam is away of them , the radical groups are true criminal and the silence on them from the international community is another crime.


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    According to a statement said by the Egyptian Interior Ministry announced the killing of 16 policemen in a raid on terrorist hideout in Giza  at morning of Friday and the forces could to end on 15 terrorists.

     In completion of the declared efforts to chasing terrorist hideouts as terrorist elements try to shake the stability of the country, and in the light of the information received by the national security sector that a number of terrorist elements were hiding at 135K Al-Wahat road in Giza governorate, and in the light of using the place for training to carry out terrorist operations, taking advantage of the rugged nature of the desert that makes them move freely.


In the light of this information, the forces were prepared to carry out two missions from the two governorates of Giza and Fayyoum to raiding this area. However, when the first mission approached the whereabouts of the terrorist elements, the terrorists realized that the forces are approaching them and they started targeting them using heavy weapons from all sides. The police forces have exchanged fire with the terrorist elements for hours, leaving 16 policemen dead (11 officers, 4 conscripts, 1 sergeant) and 13 others injured including 4 officers and 9 conscripts and a search is underway for one missing police officer from Giza Security Directorate.


Later on, the adjacent areas of the scene of the events were combed by supporting forces, and 15 terrorist elements were killed and injured where some of them were evacuated from the scene by fugitives, and combing and chasing operations are still ongoing.


The Interior Ministry, while extending condolences to its brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defense of the homeland and the citizens, stresses that such terrorist crimes will not sap the determination of the Egyptian policemen for uprooting terrorism and defending our cherished nation.

Moreover, the Interior Ministry calls upon different media outlets to be accurate before publishing any security-related information, urging them to rely only on the official sources according to the applicable standards in this regard. They should also give the bodies concerned the opportunity to verify information, particularly in view of the developments of the security confrontations. Otherwise, this would negatively affect the confrontation operations and the morale of the forces.


This statement was issued immediately after the martyrs and injured were evacuated.


Interior Ministry Facebook

Saturday, October 21, 2017 

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By:Abeer Almadawy 

Terrorism hits the capital London again, where a bomb exploded in a metro train Friday morning in London at the Parsons Green station in the British Kingdom

Resulting unknown number of injuries with burning.

The British authorities announced that a limited explosion at the Parsons Green station in London inside the Metro was caused by a bomb that was contained inside a mysterious white box,

And this incident happened today ,Friday morning.

A second bomb was discovered a few minutes ago and authorities said the incident was a terrorist attack

While the passengers published many pictures of the injuries with burns in the face and hands while  the panic hits them

The Telegraph newspaper said the ambulance crew and explosives experts went  to the scene of the incident, where he was being dealt with it.

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 The Arab Republic of Egypt condemned the horrific terrorist incident that targeted  a mosque in the central of the Afghanian Capital Kabul,that killed about 28 people and injured more than 56 people

Where a statement was issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirmed on

  Egypt Condemns of the terrorist attack by Daesh who targeted on a mosque in central Afghanistan, killing 28 people and injuring 50


The Egyptian Foreign Ministry affirmed in its statement today that the Egyptian government and people stand with the government and the people of Afghanistan in the face of terrorism, which aims at security and stability in all parts of the world, expressing sincere condolences to the families of the victims.

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