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By | Christian Megan 

   Egypt's president H.E Abdul Fattah AlSisi started an official visit to US ,Monday ,where he will meet with U.S. President Donald Trump in the White House tomorrow  . 

The visit of the Egyptian leader comes as an invitation of president Trump to discuss different issues belong to Egypt and the latest events the Middle East that Witness  violence recently.

Officials of the White House and from Trump's administration said that president Trump will receive the Egyptian president Abdul Fattah AlSisi in the White House at Tuesday and the leaders will discuss number of important issues such as ; their bilateral relations, the tensions in the Middle East , the war in Libya and the situation in Syria, after announcing The occupied lands in Jolan to belong to Israel, the critical condition in Yemen, as well the cold war with Iran,The cut off relations with Qatar, also the war on terrorism ,economic reform and human rights in Egypt and will discuss the editing of  the constitution in Egypt !

The U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity ahead of the visit, said the two leaders would also discuss the development of civil society in Egypt and, in a nod to concerns of Vice President Mike Pence, its treatment of religious minorities, including Christians.according to Reuters 

Observers of the visit who are interested with Egyptian and US relations said that the visit came in difficult time but the presidents are friends and will hold strong ties between the both countries, however president Trump will insist to support the file of freedom in Egypt and human rights.Also the president is interested in the changes of the last constitution in Egypt.

 The US official said to Reuters that the administration was encouraging Egypt to develop democratic institutions while being mindful of U.S. security interests.

"The president views the relationship with Egypt, as he does all of our ... relationships with foreign countries ... through the lens of America First and what serves our interest," the official said.

Military issues also may be on the agenda of discussion , as Egypt  has reportedly signed a $2 billion deal with Russia to buy more than 20 Sukhoi SU-35 fighter jets, as well as weapons for the aircraft.The matter that caused a worrisome to US.

According to Reuters too , it is Asked if the White House would discuss the purchase with the visiting Egyptian leader and whether it could possibly trigger U.S. sanctions, the official cautioned that U.S. law gives the president very little flexibility over sanctions imposed on those who do business with Russian defence sectors.

"Countries that engage in those purchases need to know that we are extremely limited in what we can do to mitigate," the official said, noting that the United States had already faced similar situations with China, India and Turkey.

In Egypt and before the summit with AlSisi and Trump,there is a worry about the discussion of the Palestinian case as well as what is known with the " century deal " where The Egyptians are afraid of any solution comes over the  Egyptian lands .



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By|Abeer Almadawy


  with sorrow feeling leaders of the world called high excellence president Abdul Fattah Alsis and Condoled him for the terrorist crime that happened in the church at south of Cairo- Helwan.


As the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud sent a cable of deepest condolences and sympathies to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Arab Republic of Egypt on the victims of the terrorist attack in Helwan.
"We have learned with deep sorrow about the news of the terrorist attack that took place in Helwan, resulted in deaths and injuries, and we express to you our strong condemnation and denunciation of this sinful terrorist act," the king said.
The King stressed that "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia firmly stands with the Arab Republic of Egypt and its people against whoever dares to harm Egypt's security and stability,"
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques further said that "On behalf of the people and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in my own name, we sent to you and families of the victims our sincere condolences and sympathies, wishing the injured a speedy recovery and the Egyptian people to be preserved from all evil."

from other side the President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt received today a telephone call from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, during which he expressed the condolences and sympathies of the UAE to the victims of the terrorist attack on MarMina Church in Helwan, South Cairo.
The Spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radhi, said in a statement that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi expressed his country's full solidarity with Egypt and stand by its side in countering terrorism, stressing the strength of fraternal relations and constructive cooperation between the two countries and peoples.

Algeria has strongly condemned the terrorist attack that targeted yesterday the church of Marmina in Helwan, south of Cairo, Egypt.
The official spokesman of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdulaziz bin Ali Al-Sharif stressed his country's full solidarity with Egypt, pointing out that Algeria is confident in the ability of Egypt and its security forces to deal firmly and forcefully with terrorism and its criminal acts.

USA president called president Sisi and send his support to Egypt in its war against terrorism as well as send his condolences to the egyptian people.

It is worth to add that there are 10 people were killed during the prayer in the church as well other 6  wounded in a deadly attack on the church ... the crime came in the way of terrorists attacks by the Daesh who did number of attacks on Mosques and churches the last period.

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By|Abeer Almadawy


   During the opening of number national mega projects in Ismailia and Port Said Governorates, the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi  said during his speech Egyptians that the Egyptian borders are safe and secured ,as well there is no danger to them and no one dare to approach them because there is a strong army will defend them for the last drop of blood.

"We are a country that respects the rights of all peoples and we are not greedy. We don't seek to take the wealth of others  or have a greed attitude in their lands, and therefore we can defend our lands and borders very well and there is no fear at all.

The President promised to eliminate terrorism in Sinai and to end this problem very soon. Alsisi also praised the role of Sinai Egyptians in dealing with the army and the police in the process of fighting the this occasion the president said the state starts the road of development in Sinai with 100 Billions he affirmed that Sinai is Egyptian lands and won't leave a point of its dust to any one.

From other point ,The president stressed that we are in a real war with terrorism and we do not fight against the opposition because the terrorists are mostly non-Egyptian nationalities and possess smuggled weapons supported by countries that finance terrorism and send it to us to destabilize Egypt ... But I am not afraid of them or others because we are a strong country and united , Egyptians are one hand.


This speech  of  high excellence President Abdul Fattah Alsisi has come during the  Opening of a number of mega projects in the governorates of Ismailia and Port Said

And this through the opening of several floating bridges linking the east of the canal in the West to facilitate the movement of the people of Sinai

And will also inspect the stages of the completion of the four tunnels that will link Sinai with its Egyptian depth, which passes under the Suez Canal and are established by the Engineering Corps in the armed forces with Egyptian engineering companies and international expertise.


The President will also complete the opening of the second phase of the fish farms projects in Port Said and Suez .This will also announce other openings for productive projects for the eastern coastal governorates of Egypt in the framework of the development plan presented by President Sisi since he took office in 2014.


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By Castle Journal correspondent |Mohsen Al-Helou

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi said during a meeting on October 22 in Cairo with Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi that Egypt has been supportive

of Iraq and continues to be supportive to Iraq in its war against terrorism as well to  its extension of the federal authority.

The Iraqi MP Haider Al-abadi stressed on the importance of strengthening relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt in various fields.

The correspondent and director of Castle Journal (Iraq Office) ,followed  the statements by the Office of the Prime Minister of Iraq about his  visit to Egypt recently, who said;

  "Mr. President Abdul Fattah Al-sisi  congratulated Iraq for its  victories that were achieved against the gangs of terrorist , expressing his support for the unity of Iraq, And he is still supportive of Iraq in its war against terrorism and supports the steps of the Iraqi government to extend the federal authorit.

 From the Iraqi side , Dr. Haider Abadi stressed on the importance of strengthening relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt in various fields to serve the interests of the two brotherly peoples, and work together to build great ties between the 2 nations.

President sisi also called for Iraq's achievement  on the development and extension of security and how it could to confront the disputes and wars, noting the importance of fighting the roots of terrorism and cooperation in the fields of reconstruction and construction. "


The Iraqi prime minister arrived in Egypt on a one-day visit, where the official reception ceremony for Dr. Abadi was played by the Iraqi and Egyptian anthems. Al-Abadi discussed with Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail the strengthening of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, the fight against terrorism and the political and security situation in the region. Iraqi vision for the future of the region, which is based on development and the extension of security rather than differences and wars.


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By| Abeer Al-Madawy

At the Egyptian-French summit in Paris, Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-sisi and his French counterpart , Emmanuel Macaron, held a press conference after the end of the talks, in which he stressed the importance of the Franco-Egyptian relations and the positive role attributed to that relationship and its impact on regional issues.
The president also discussed the issues of terrorism in Egypt as well as the Palestinian, Libyan and Syrian issues and the Qatari crisis. He also opened the human rights files and what Egypt suffers and its needs of the educational and health development system.

And the text is as the following:

President Emmanuel Macaron, President of the French Republic, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the reception we have received since our arrival in your friendly country, with which we have extensive historical relations and strong partnership in various fields. This reflects the momentum of our relations. Bilateral relations and the high level of coordination on various regional and international issues.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I discussed with President Emmanuel Macaron on ways to enhance cooperation between the two countries on various political, strategic, economic and cultural levels. We agreed to intensify consultation and coordination on the priority issues of our two countries.

 Today's talks have confirmed the strong foundation on which we are working to continue to advance the various fields of cooperation to a greater level, so as to achieve the mutual interests of our two peoples. The bilateral relations in their economic affairs have been a major priority during our discussions today. They reviewed with Macron what has been implemented Of the steps taken by the Egyptian economic reform program and its positive results in restoring high growth rates, increase in foreign direct investments, strengthening the social protection network for the most needy classes, and providing many investment opportunities, especially In the framework of the major national projects implemented by Egypt and the attention of French business circles.

 We also witnessed the signing of a series of agreements, memorandums of understanding and declarations of intent worth about 400 million euros in the fields of traditional and renewable energy, infrastructure, social protection and transportation in various branches, maritime, land and underground.

I would also like to point out that the cultural file and cooperation in the fields of tourism and education were present in our talks today. We agreed to declare the 2019 year of Egyptian-French culture and tourism to reflect the depth of our cultural and civilizational ties, especially in light of the great French interest, In addition to coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Suez Canal, the development of which is of great importance in the plans of the Egyptian government since the duplication of the canal's passage in 2015 to be the largest service area Today, I discussed with President MacRoon how to combat the sinful terrorism that Egypt and France suffered from, and which threatens the security and stability of the Middle East and the European continent, and is the biggest challenge to our efforts to achieve development. The need for concerted international and regional efforts to address the shortcomings in combating this phenomenon.

 We also discussed the developments in the situation in Libya, which represents stability and security of particular importance to both countries, in light of its direct impact on the Egyptian, French and Mediterranean national security. We also discussed the successful Egyptian efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation, the importance of restoring the momentum for the resumption of the peace process and the developments in Syria, Iraq and the Sahel and Sahara region on the African continent. We also exchanged views on the comprehensive treatment of illegal immigration as well as relations between Egypt and the European Union Priorities for participation to enhance cooperation between the two sides in July.

I am confident that our meeting today will serve as a new starting point for strengthening cooperation and partnership between our two countries. I also assure you that we are keen to continue coordination and consultation in order to follow up the implementation of what has been agreed and translated on the ground, thus contributing to the development of our common relations. At the end, it is my pleasure to renew to you, Mr. President, the invitation to visit Egypt at the earliest opportunity to continue the joint coordination, which will contribute to achieving our aspiration to develop different areas of cooperation and achieve the interests of the two friendly peoples.

Thank you, Mr. President

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By| Abeer Al-Madawy

In an interview conducted by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi with France 24, Mr. president said  that the Egyptian prisons do not have political prisoners.

" Egypt respects its citizens and guarantees their rights, and that there are no political prisoners in Egypt" Abdul Fattah Alsisi said.

He added during his meeting with France 24 that there is a systematic campaign against Egypt, and we do not seek  to a the role , but our  efforts are for exact stabilize and achieve peace.

President Alsisi added that who criticized our human rights , they never looked at the right of our Martyrs who protect the country , they never pay attention to what egypt needs such as education , health and good economy ....even they take their information from certain channels and media are known they are working for who supporting the terrorism ...I call them come and ask egyptians to know the truth...Egypt is not advanced like Europe countries and we need a lot to reach to your don't judge on our life like yours.
This response came in the context of the question on the human rights situation in Egypt, which was criticized by international organizations .

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By / Tony Wild


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during his speech at the conference the global financial inclusion with the presence of the most important leaders of the economy in the world and the participation of 120 countries, said that the Egyptian government has taken a number of decisions in the past

Belongs to The reform of the Egyptian economy, which led to reduce the budget deficit during the last quarter of the past year 2016-2017  with 9.5%, stressing that they set their goal is to reduce inflation rates for nearly 13% in 2018.

The President added in his speech that Egypt aims to run reforms in Economic system so it can have an attractive program of investment on its territory , concurrently with the enactment of a number of laws that facilitate the movement of dealing and trading in investment, thus boosting the growth of the economy in Egypt, which actually occurred in the last quarter of last fiscal year by 4.9%.

President Sisi pointed out that there is a general orientation of the State to take care of small and medium projects to allow the participation of young people and with the support of their middle projects , it will raise the proportion of internal investments also.

Egypt also succeeded  In  the rise of the foreign currency reserve to over $ 36 billion , which is considered a great achievement in light of the decline of the global economy and the economic and political pressures on the country, including the war on terror.

Moreover, Egypt is striving to reduce inflation by 13% in 2018 and to consolidate the unified investment law and reduce the balance of trade deficit. He believes that all these factors are basically factors that attract investment.

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