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By:Nadeemy Haded

Years ago, a British man began preparing for a catastrophe on the planet, until he found his country and the world at large in front of the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

For a period of 5 years, a man built a "shelter" underground to be a haven for him in the event of a disaster, as is the case now, and was keen to make it more like a "miniature house" full of entertainment.

In 2015, the British Colin Fors decided to start building an underground shelter in the back garden of his home, and he managed to make it look like a real home.

Fors put a mattress, a TV set and a set of drums in the shelter to exercise his favorite hobby, and made sure to provide him with a private generator, as the video clip he posted on YouTube showed.

The man also built a kitchen inside the shelter, equipped with a "microwave" and a sink, and filled it with canned food.

And because he built this place to protect him from any calamities or disasters, Forz made sure to put a gas mask inside the shelter.

Although the situation that the world is currently living in light of the spread of the Corona virus does not require all these complicated procedures, Forz confirmed that he is happy with the decision to build this shelter, and that he is using it now in "the time of Corona"

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By:Nadeemy Haded

As the news on the spread of the new Corona virus circulates around the world, the world is increasingly concerned about the epidemic that has infected more than half a million people and claimed more than 27,000 lives.

In this report, we review the latest developments, figures and the most important news related to the Coronavirus around the world:

- The Mauritanian Minister of Health announced the registration of two new cases of the Coronavirus, bringing the total number to 5.

- The UAE recorded 63 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 468.

- The health authorities in the Netherlands have announced the death of 93 other patients with the Coronavirus.

- The Saudi Ministry of Health announced the death of one person, bringing the total death of corona to 4, compared to 1,203 injuries and 37 cures.

Vietnam recorded 11 new cases, with a total of 174, without any HIV deaths.

- The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Switzerland rose to 235 people, and infections rose to 13,312 cases.

- According to a statistic for "Agence France Presse", the total number of new infections of the Corona virus in the world exceeded the 600,000 mark on Saturday.

- Iraq recorded 48 new injuries in addition to two deaths.

- The situation is getting more serious in Spain, where the number of cases exceeded the 72,000 mark, and deaths rose to 5,690.

A new death was recorded in Lebanon, bringing the number to 8 deaths, out of a total of 412 injuries.

- The UAE conducted 860 laboratory examinations of people who received them from China, and all results were negative.

In Iran, the country worst affected by the epidemic in the Middle East, 139 new deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 2517.

Malaysia recorded 159 new cases of coronavirus and a total of 2,320 cases.

- The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the monitoring of 10 new infections during the past 24 hours, which brings the total cases recorded to 235, while 7 patients recovered to reach the total of those recovering to 64.

- Morocco announced that the number of injuries rose to 358, compared to 23 deaths and 11 cases of recovery.

In Germany, the number of people infected with the Corona virus rose to 48,582, while the number of deaths reached 325.

- The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the detection of 6 new cases in the West Bank, bringing the total number of injuries to 97.

Sudan announced the detection of two new cases of coronavirus, for citizens coming from abroad.

- The Israeli Ministry of Health recorded 425 new injuries, bringing the total to 3460.

In India, the number of HIV infections rose to 873, while 19 deaths were recorded and 78 recovered.

- The Japanese capital, Tokyo, recorded more than 50 new infections, the largest daily increase in the number of infections in the city.

- The Sultanate of Oman announced the detection of 21 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the number of registered cases to 152.

 Panama announced the death of 5 new cases of the virus in the country, bringing the total to 14, as it detected 112 new infections, and the total amounted to 786 cases.

In Thailand, a new death was recorded, bringing the total death toll to 6 compared to 1,245 injuries.

- The toll in China is still on the way down, after recording 3 new deaths from the Corona virus, in addition to 54 new cases.


By / Ayman Bahr

The Governor of the Red Sea, Major General Amr Hanafi, issued a decision today, Saturday, to close all beaches in the governorate, as part of a package of preventive and precautionary measures and measures to confront the new Corona virus, especially after the crowd witnessed by a number of the beaches of the governorate in more than one city, before the hours of banning the movement of citizens, where any gatherings are considered Violation of the state plan to limit the spread of infection.

The Governor directed all the competent authorities to implement the decision from today, Saturday, until the issuance of another notice, appealing to the people of the province again to adhere to the homes during that period and not to go out except in cases of extreme necessity to facilitate the state’s task in dealing with any possible repercussions of the emerging Corona virus and limit its spread, indicating that each These measures aim to preserve the health and safety of citizens.

The Governor of the Red Sea indicated that the campaigns continue daily in the various cities and villages of the governorate from north to south, and he undertakes sudden field visits in different cities at different times to ensure implementation of the decisions of the Prime Minister on preventive and preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus, pointing out that legal measures will be taken decisively. Towards violators, especially those who raise prices from merchants, who will be transferred to the Public Prosecution


By:Nadeemy Haded

The administration of US President Donald Trump has appealed to several countries around the world to give or sell medical supplies, such as hand sanitizers and respirators, to combat the accelerating pandemic of the Corona virus.

In a list obtained by CNN, the State Department identified 25 outposts, and asked diplomats to ask their host countries for these supplies.

The number of deaths from the virus in the United States rose to 1041 as of Wednesday, with nearly 70,000 infected.

The network said that the United States asked countries that appealed to "everything", from manual disinfectants to respirators, to help fight the Corona virus.

It is not clear how many countries the United States has appealed to, but this list comes at a time when Trump praises his domestic response to fighting the Corona virus, and its activation of the Defense Production Act.

The list includes a range of equipment that American overburdened hospitals are seeking, including medical waste bags, N-95 masks, gloves, medical garments, surgical caps, shoe covers, containers, goggles, hand sanitizers, and protective vests.

The list also includes asthma inhalers and ventilators.

And Friday, Trump said he put the defense production law into effect, after his previous statement in which he confirmed that he would resort to this measure, but postponed it until he needed it.

The measure aims to allow the US government to accelerate the production of respirators, respirators and other equipment needed to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus, and Trump said he put the law into effect last Thursday.

When asked why the law was being enforced now, the president told reporters that it would be used to ensure the United States gets masks and other equipment necessary to combat the virus.

The law, which dates back to the Korean War in the 1950s, gives the president broad authority to "accelerate and expand resource supplies from the US industrial base to support Army, Energy, Space and Homeland Security programs," according to a report on the website of the Federal Emergency Management Agency website.

The British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that Trump spoke by phone with his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, on Tuesday, asking if his country can provide medical equipment.

While the official White House account did not refer to the request, according to the South Korean presidency (the Blue House), the call was made based on Trump's "urgent request".

The US president praised the South Korean testing program, which helped contain the outbreak there, the Guardian said.

The South Korean President told Trump that he would support South Korea's exports of vital supplies to the United States "if there is a domestic surplus"

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Today, more than 1.5 billion people are forced to stay in their homes around the world, due to quarantine decisions imposed by the authorities, in order to curb the spread of the emerging Corona virus, and this new reality has created an unparalleled demand for delivery services.

With restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls not accessible, many resort to delivery services, amid questions about whether "delivery" is safer and does not in turn lead to the transmission of corona infection.

According to the "NBC" site, the delivery workers in the United States express great concerns about their infection with the virus, as they move towards a large number of homes and customers every day.

The site quoted delivery workers, without mentioning their names, for fear that they would lose their jobs if they talked about the problems in public, that many companies did not provide delivery workers with sterilizing hands, and they merely researched to wash hands with soap and water continuously.

But delivery workers do their work on the move, whether on motorbikes or in cars, and therefore, they need sterilization liquid.

Meanwhile, UPS, the delivery company, said it is providing respirators for people who place orders to health facilities or nursing homes.

But the concern is not limited to delivery workers alone, because customers in turn fear that the virus will pass them to them if they receive orders from abroad.

The ITER website reduces the risk of contracting the virus through food, explaining that restaurants are already bound by strict health procedures, even before the Corona virus is spread, and therefore, what is required of you is to know the restaurant you are requesting, meaning that you are aware of its quality and its respect for health standards.

Experts recommend avoiding contact as much as possible when receiving delivery orders. In order to observe these guidelines, electronic payment is recommended, and payment in cash should be avoided, unless necessary.

Recently, delivery companies announced a delivery service without interaction between the operator and the customer, "Contact free", while some buildings obliged those who request meals from abroad to receive them at the entrance to the building, so that the next worker from outside does not reach the door of the apartment.

After receiving, the experts recommend disposing the bags in which the food came, then washing and sterilizing the hands, due to the possibility of the virus passing through the surfaces that the delivery driver touched while bringing food.

Recently, delivery workers have received widespread acclaim, amid calls for their generous "tip" due to the effort they are making in providing people with what to buy, despite health conditions and a high risk of contracting the disease.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that various options are being considered on the issue of conducting nationwide voting on amendments to the constitution, taking into account the epidemiological situation.

Peskov told reporters in his talk about options for a popular vote on the amendments to the constitution on April 22 and the possibility of postponing it: "Given the evolution of the epidemiological situation, which is changing, and the situation is unstable, and this is what was mentioned yesterday, in particular, Sergey Sobyanin [Mayor of Moscow], is being considered There are different options, but no decisions have been taken, so be patient. With the decisions taken, we will inform you of that. "

Source: Sputnik

Edit By Yasser Okeal

Hypochlorites are widely used in healthcare facilities in a variety of settings. 328 Inorganic chlorine solution is used for disinfecting tonometer heads 188 and for spot-disinfection of countertops and floors. A 1:10–1:100 dilution of 5.25%–6.15% sodium hypochlorite (i.e., household bleach) 22, 228, 553, 554 or an EPA-registered tuberculocidal disinfectant 17has been recommended for decontaminating blood spills. For small spills of blood (i.e., drops of blood) on noncritical surfaces, the area can be disinfected with a 1:100 dilution of 5.25%-6.15% sodium hypochlorite or an EPA-registered tuberculocidal disinfectant. Because hypochlorites and other germicides are substantially inactivated in the presence of blood 63, 548, 555, 556, large spills of blood require that the surface be cleaned before an EPA-registered disinfectant or a 1:10 (final concentration) solution of household bleach is applied 557. If a sharps injury is possible, the surface initially should be decontaminated 69, 318, then cleaned and disinfected (1:10 final concentration) 63. Extreme care always should be taken to prevent percutaneous injury. At least 500 ppm available chlorine for 10 minutes is recommended for decontaminating CPR training manikins 558. Full-strength bleach has been recommended for self-disinfection of needles and syringes used for illicit-drug injection when needle-exchange programs are not available. The difference in the recommended concentrations of bleach reflects the difficulty of cleaning the interior of needles and syringes and the use of needles and syringes for parenteral injection 559. Clinicians should not alter their use of chlorine on environmental surfaces on the basis of testing methodologies that do not simulate actual disinfection practices 560, 561. Other uses in healthcare include as an irrigating agent in endodontic treatment 562 and as a disinfectant for manikins, laundry, dental appliances, hydrotherapy tanks 23, 41, regulated medical waste before disposal 328, and the water distribution system in hemodialysis centers and hemodialysis machines 563.

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