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  • Scientist Prof. Gad El - Qady...
Today we are going to present an influential Egyptian scientific figure with a great scientific history around the world, our honor is because of his unique scientific personality who gained the respect and appreciation of experts and scientists of Geophysics internationally and in particular in Egypt, Japan and Europe ...
 Prof. Gad El - Qady, is currently the President of the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) in Egypt ... and one of the most important Egyptian scientists who has received an international welcome for his scientific efforts as he published many studies and researches in major of the scientific magazines and journals which specialized in Geophysics, as well as he has many scientific contributions worldwide.

The scientist Profile as appeared in NRIAG ;

Name:              Gad Mohamed el-qady

CURRENT POSITION :    Head of National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics

Birth City|Mansoura - Egypt

Education:  1991:  B.Sc. (Honors), GEOPHYSICS, U Mansoura, EGYPT

1995: M.Sc. GEOPHYSICS, U Mansoura, Egypt.

2001: Ph.D. Geophysics, U Kyushu, Japan

2003-2005: Post-Doctoral, U Kyushu, Japan.


  List of Publication for Prof. Gad El-qady



1992-2001        Assistant Researcher           NRIAG

2001-2006        Lecturer                               NRIAG

2006-2011       Associate Professor              NRIAG

Dec 2011-now Professor                               NRIAG

Nov. 2009 – Feb 2010    Director of Kyushu university Cairo office.

Feb 2010- Jun 2013      Cultural attaché, Egyptian Embassy, Japan

Sept. 2013- August 2014Director of International relations at E-JUST.

Jan 2017- Nov 2017, Acting President of NIOF, Egypt.

JULY. 2016 – Oct. 2018Head of geomagnetic and Geoelectric Dept. nriag.

Oct. 2018 – till nowVice president of NRIAG



Geophysics, Electromagnetic, Potential Field

Applied & Environment

Groundwater exploration

Archaeology exploration

Geothermal exploration.



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