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Happy New Year

 There are only a few hours left and we bid farewell to 2017 with all its good and sad events, hoping to start a happy year 2018 for all.
The management of "Castle Journal  Group " for Journalism and Media led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Abeer AlMadawy, is pleased to announce today its list of the most influential and inspiring personalities of the year 2017.

This year, Castle Journal does not conduct a referendum on the Choices names of personalities, but the team of consultants in Castle Journal who are Specialists in all areas of cultural, scientific, political and sports to choose the best figures according to their efforts throughout the year ... This year's choice is characterized by great diversity and respect to A great message of humanity that we target in our media and cultural work . The message  is the call of  peace and humanity.
Thus, Castle Journal Group announces the list of most successful and most Influence and inspiration personalities for 2017, which was limited to a number of public figures in different fields as the following;


Tareq Amer …The best banker and economic figure of the year 2017


Tareq Amer ,is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Egypt... Our choice to him due to his efforts to save the Egyptian economic from total collapse and took the state to a Financial Security position...This year he took number of hard decisions such as ; the flotation decision of the Egyptian pound, he was able to Control the foreign reserves within the Central Bank of Egypt,so he could to stabilize the dollar price in the markets, that led to the recovery of the Egyptian economy and the rise of the foreign reserves to the highest level in Egypt since the Egyptian revolution in 25 January 2011..

Also he could to fund the mega projects in Egypt, which it has joined in recent years through a system of banking and economic professionalism despite the weakness of foreign investment potential inside Egypt.


Brief information about him from Wikipedia;

Tarek Hassan Nour El-Din Amer: He is the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt since 27 November 2015. He received a Bachelor of Economics and Administration from the American University in Cairo and has been president of the National Bank of Egypt since 2008 and until his resignation in 2013.

Tarek Amer served as deputy governor of the Central Bank during the period of Farouk al-Okdah, from 2003 to 2008. The most prominent candidates for his successor, in addition to Hisham Ramez, and Mohammed Barakat and took the post of governor on 27 November 2015, after the resignation of Hisham Ramez, Egyptian Abdul Fattah Sisi to take over the presidency of the Central Bank.

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