Researcher: Yassir Hasan Oukal


       Preface and Description of the Book

Before  dwelling into the detailed explanation of this book and its contents of insightful topics
,let's to briefly introduce the saudi researcher Yasser Oukal so as to give you
an idea of the work involved in this book which you will appreciate how this accomplishment
of presenting this book which  targeted the researchers seeking knowledge in both areas
of medical operations and sterilizations’ technicians as well as surgeons and medical students
pursuing their studies in this field..

So, who is Yasser Hassan Oukal and how has he accomplished such an extensive
knowledge in this field?

Yassir Hasan Ahmed Oukal is a prominent medical professional who
is known for his trustwoethiness in leading and managing the medical operating room which
dictates precision and efficiency in the medical sterilization process of surgical trays and
medical surgical instruments.

He was mostly a source of expert advice for physicians and administrators involved
in the day-to-day management of operating rooms at hospitals and on a smaller scale, an
observer of medical procedural flow in the medical operating rooms.

Oukal possesses a mastery
in the theory of sterilization as well as the practical application and implementation of efficient
sterilization and medical septic techniques. He combines a wealth of knowledge relating to the
effective provision and distribution of sterilized medical containers, the handling of patients’
care equipment, the identification, inspection, decontamination as well as the sterilization of
medical equipment, instrumentation and surgical accessories.
He also possesses extensive expertise knowledge in the healthcare profession, sterile processing
and effective distribution technology. He is committed to the assembling and guiding of nurses
teams, , operating personnel, and the sterile processing technicians through every step in the
workflow process in cleaning, , disinfecting, and sterilizing medical instruments and

Oukal has also had an active role in assisting in reducing medical operational costs and as well
as surgeries’ delays in the operating room. He is also well recognized for his active role in the
efficacy of instrument tray assembly, the sterilization and decontamination processes as well as
maintaining a safe and hygenic environment for the medical professionals and their patients.
Furthermore, he has had an instrumental role in establishing policies and operating procedures
for preparing, packing and storing out sterile medical supplies as well as ensuring industrial
standards upheld by the Medical Department. Additionally, he has authored one book and
served as a speaker, sharing his knowledge and expertise in his field.

Throughout my practical and professional years of experience,he was appointed to several
managerial positions, which are as follows:

Served as the manager in the CSSD for five years at King Abdul Aziz University Hospital
where his role was the chief of maintenance of technical conditions and non-interrupted of
workflow, preparation of staff leave rosters, the supervision and following-up of the
technicians’ duties and receiving the registration and tools’ kits.he has also had an effective
and successful role in the classification of surgical instruments for all departments of the

he has also served as a deputy manager, a supervisor and technician in the operating rooms at
the same hospital for a duration of over eight years.
He has been professionally endorsded during his career as an esteemed member of Sterile
Processing and Distribution oassociation, (CBSPD); Instrumental to Patient Care, (IAHCSMM)
organization and member of the Saudi Society for Sterilization and Disinfection association.
he has extensive knowledgeable in all facets of sterile processing and infection control. he also
has utilized his educational qualifications as well as his extensive expertise in the
manifestation of appropriate professional and procedural decisions under stressful and
emergency conditions. 

he possess the traits of visionary and decisive leadership while having the
ability to inspire medical staff to explore and adopt new operating procedures that lends support
to the institutional targets. He is skilled in operating various medical equipment’s including
pumps, monitors, computer terminals, telephones, washers, decontaminators, sonic cleaners,
sterilizers, instrument cleaners, peel pouch machines and the biological incubators.

his practical experience has been refined by pursuing my specialty studies in this field and
having earned a Master’s in the Management of Operating Rooms & Sterilization and a
Bachelor’s Degree in the Operating Rooms. he is also a holder of an international board
certification for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) in addition to several other
qualifications in hospitals management, infection control and total quality management.


Additionally, he is a well-known academic where he is considered as a proficient lecturer in the
area of medicine and surgical procedures. He is also a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate
Degree in Education and Training in Health Services from Berkshire University.

Eventually, he compiled all his knowledge and gained expertise and converted his master
dissertation into a medical textbook that deals with leadership traits in the operating rooms
and sterilization where the textbook is considered a reference to every leader in the field of
medical technicians or doctors as well as for students, researchers, learners and all concerned
in the field of management of medical operations and sterilization.
This book includes many interesting and thought provoking topics which teaches the reader the
meaning of leadership in our practical and professional lives.
The person who bears more responsibilities, guides people towards success, will have the
ability to inspire professionals to perform better in their jobs, have plans and objectives to
improve productivity and improve the quality of work and have the ability to communicate and
cooperate efficiently with their staff.

This book also includes a number of goals such as: an introduction to what are the traits of a
successful leader and how to be an experienced leader. What are the designated duties of the
supervisor in the operating rooms and sterilization and implemented policies accordingly. How
to determine the effective leadership in the field of management of health services, and what is
the job description and tasks amongst the medical operation room technician and sterilization
and how to increase productivity in the sterilization area.

This book includes a series of topics and important areas that focuses on how to be a successful
leader in the healthcare field. As we know, management will not be successful if there is no
effective leadership.

It is also considered as an introduction to learn the medical operating room management
principles and what are the duties and responsibilities of the sterilization leaders and medical
operating rooms and also identify the most important functions and responsibilities of the
technicians in each area of the work specifics in sterilization.

In addition, the book will add more knowledge into the types of sterilization policies, the
relationship between the two administrations, how the system operates in the sterilization areas,
what are the technical functions in each specific area, discuss the supervisory role of
administrative tasks and technical aspects and many other topics in this field.

Finally, we hope that this book will be granted with your approval and I hope they you will enjoy
reading it as it is considered the first Saudi-Gulf achievement in the Middle East in this field.


Researcher information and contacts:

Berkshire University, Colorado, USA
Master’s Degree in Management of Operating Rooms and Sterilization (Dec 2016); Grade: Excellent

Berkshire University, Colorado, USA
Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences in Operating Room in the Field of Hospitals (Sep 2010); Grade: Excellent


Boston university , USA
 Master's degree professional of hospital management.  ( 2016 )


The consortium of sterile sciences. California, USA

Bachelor’s Degree of sterile sciences , ( Dec.2015)


College of Health Sciences, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Degree of Theatre (MMM 1997); Grade: Excellent


Key Academic Highlights:

  • Awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Education and Training in Health Services, Berkshire University



My contact :


Yassir Hasan Oukal

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

P.O Box: 9659

Makkah Postal Code 21955

Mobile Num: 00966558801313

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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