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Believes & Religion

Rome; Pope Of Vatican in his weekly word in Friday urged global action to combat the scourge of human trafficking and “new forms of slavery”. Pope Francis “I call on all people of goodwill to take action against human trafficking and new forms of slavery,” Francis wrote in a
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Dr / Ahmed Al-Tayeb , said that the terrorist bombing which targeted the lives of innocent while they are praying in the church Petrine ministry adjacent to the Cathedral of St. Mark Abbasia, this is a major crime against all Egyptians, have proved that the
Egyptian Churches Council condemned the draft US law restored the Egyptian churches affected by terrorist acts, stressing that the Egyptian government is doing its part fully in the repair and restoration of churches with the Egyptian funds. The council said - in a statement today - that President Abdel
Christians living today must act according to the teachings of Jesus on non-violence, Pope Francis tweeted. "To be true followers of Jesus today also includes embracing his teaching about non-violence," read the Tweet. The 80-year-old Argentinean pontiff has urged peace and non-violence in several tweets this year.
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