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The Council of Muslim Sages has issued a warning to all the world's powers that are silent about the massacres that are taking place against the Rohingya community in Myanmar and that silence and slackness in stopping the violence towards the Rohingya Muslims is a clear incitement and anapproval for more massacres against .them.

In its cautionary statement, the Council also stressed that the continuation of these violations of the human rights charters of all human rights instruments may encourage hatred and incite mutual violence.

This is the text of the warning statement by the Council of Muslim Sages, in which it said:

That the continued failure of the international community to intervene decisively to end the suffering of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma and to stop their killing and displacement poses a serious threat to international peace and security and once again reflects a policy of double standards towards international issues and crises, fueling hatred, hatred and extremism throughout the world.

The Council of Muslim Sages stressed the need for the United Nations, the Security Council and international and humanitarian organizations to shoulder their responsibility for the blockade, which has been going on for years, resulting in the death and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims, while the Burmese authorities failed to provide protection for their citizens.

The Council of Muslim Elders explained that the Charter of the United Nations gives the UN Security Council the authority to intervene under Chapter VII in situations that pose a threat to international peace and security, stressing that the situation in the areas of Muslim Rohingya requires the establishment of an international commission of inquiry with full powers to put the Burmese authorities in front of their humanitarian responsibilities And legal.

The Council of Muslim Sovereigns, the Islamic countries and governments and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, called for a speedy action to provide all forms of support for the Rohingya Muslims, pointing out the necessity of practical application of the values ​​and meanings of the Hajj we live in today.

The Council pointed out that it sought in cooperation with Al-Azhar to contribute to ending the tragedy of the Rohingya Muslims through communication with representatives from various sectors of Burmese society in Cairo. The Council called for the urgent cessation of all manifestations of violence and bloodshed in order to achieve the desired peace in the country, The Burmese government, which promised to do so, ignored those promises and increased abuses against Muslims there.

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