Reported by /Michael Den

Iraq continues to suffer the calamities of what criminal gangs from terrorist Islamic group Da'ash have done in their cities, especially what resulted from their deliberate destruction of all the important monuments in the cities of Iraq.

The Anti-Theft Bureau of the Directorate of Crime Prevention in Ninewey, and with the support of intelligence information , could to arrest an accused man who   in  his possession three antiquitie books belonging to the Christian religion. The gangs of Da'ash had Stolen them  from the Museum of Matouma church, which is in the left side of Mosul province.

The burning books show that they belong to a gospel of the old age. They were written by hand and have been seriously endangered by burning and tearing apart some of them. Iraq is currently seeking to heal the wounds by repairing the destroyed monuments and to recognize the reality of terrorism who destroyed thousands of Historical antiquities that returns to the ancient civilization as they believe it is out of Islam and devilish ruins.

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