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Report/Christian Megan    

   Since last February,2017 Castle Journal closed its websites  because of a deadly attack from Hackers and a support of a thief who were stolen all Castle Journal websites and properties of lady Abeer Almadawy.So CJ stopped totally and cancelled most of its future plans.

most of CJ readers and others though that it is closed for ever but the truth though the owner of Castle Journal ,she insisted to continue the dream and return with a stronger newspaper that could join the competition than before and with new laws put  CJ in the front.

Abeer Almadawy confirmed that no way that CJ stop flying and it isn't important to know the enemy who struggled many times to stop our free word to the world ,Adding I care with human wherever he is and being as a novelist,my words will continue in their struggle.

So we will come back with new edition and it will be for our great Russian readers.

Lady Abeer Almadawy the owner and CEO of Castle Journal and a chief of editors put the rules of CJ to continue its messages of peace and tolerance with the knowledge.

Castle Journal  depends upon a new method of media that adopted the theory of unique news and information that will send to the readers around world and so the aim of independent issues with different languages, is to widen the circles of peoples and give them the interest as well as the respect to their traditions, culture,civil rights etc...

From here it is our pleasure to share this news and announce the opening of Castle Journal Russia and castle Journal China next week with very new ideas for our great readers in this countries.

also it is an invitation to editors,reporters and writers who like to join castle Journal family and be one of CJ journalists team.

peace and tolerance will continue as we defend our rights of them by spreading the true word.Abeer Almadawy said.

Castle Journal Russia will add a new meaning for our newspaper ,so we will celebrate and continue our journey 

Good luck for all 


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