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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 01:12

Video|3D heart muscle bred from skin cells

Hamburg / Berlin

Researchers from the German Center for Cardiovascular Research and the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) have bred a beating human heart muscle tissue of the atria from skin cells. The study published in "Stem Cell Reports" could lead to the personalized treatment of heart diseases such as atrial fibrillation and reduce animal experiments.

Retinoic acid makes it possible

The team of scientists from Hamburg has the atrial cells with the Technology of induced pluripotent stem cells produced from donated skin cells. This method had previously been used to grow cells of the lower chambers of the heart. In the current study, researchers modified the technique by adding a chemical called retinoic acid. As a result, the cells acquired similar properties as atrial cells.

When the cells are grown three-dimensionally, stripes of the atrial cardiac muscle appear that behave like a true atrial muscle. This could greatly facilitate the development of atrial fibrillation drugs, say the experts. The heart muscle from the lab "beats", conducts electricity and responds to certain medications as well as the human atrial muscle. As a next step, the team wants to perfect the artificial heart muscle and make him behave like a "diseased" heart muscle. In this way, drugs could be tested outside the human body.

Some skin cells are sufficient

The heart muscle is patient-specific. This makes it possible to test drugs on cardiac tissue that comes from a particular person to treat exactly the atrial disease that this person has. "The idea that we can test drugs on a heart muscle that has been bred for a specific patient sounds fantastic, and our research shows that this is now a reality, we only need some skin cells for it." Our study may help reduce animal testing or even completely avoided, "said Marta Lemme of the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the UKE and first author of the study.


Reported by|Mostafa Khalil

Two young Scandinavian women have been killed and found their bodies at the foot of Mount Toubkal, which is popular with hikers in Morocco.
The two students are from Norway and Denmark. The bodies reported stab wounds. After further possible perpetrators will be searched. While the police said that they have arrested a suspect on Tuesday who seemed of being responsible for the deaths of women.

The bodies were found in a remote area near the town Imlil, said the Interior Ministry in Morocco. The city is for many hikers and climbers starting point for tours in the Atlas Mountains. The 4,1

67 meter high Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa, located about 70 kilometers south of Marrakech.
The two women, aged 24 and 28, studied at the University of South-East Norway. The university was shocked by the news from Morocco and set the flags at half-mast. As the university announced, the two women were only on the weekend to Morocco. There, they wanted to stay there for a month. Among other things, the two women studied culture and nature leadership in Norway.

The Norwegian's mother said on Norwegian radio that safety was her daughter's top priority. "The two young women took all precautionary measures before they left," she told NRK.

The Foreign Office warns Morocco against touring off the beaten track. Tours in more remote areas should only be undertaken in groups and with Moroccan leaders.



The Krntner diocese Gurk is almost 1000 years old, due to the estate and real estate, the diocese is one of the richest in Austria. Until July, Bishop Alois Schwarz was in office there for 17 years, before moving to St. Plten as successor to Klaus Kng.

There has been a long history of allegations against Schwarz. He is said to have entrusted his close associate Andrea Enzinger with the education center and the adjoining hotel and covered financial shortages.

His interim successor, cathedral provost Engelbert Guggenberger, now published the "System Schwarz". Schwarz had been in a dependency relationship with Enzinger. He was determined by her goodness and her moods. "Thus, the office and the church was harmed for years, which has burdened especially priests and staff very much," said Guggenberger, which combines a long-standing opposition with black.

Through his life, the bishop was impaired in his administration and because of had been extortionable to his Zlibatsverpflicht reported Guggenberger. When anonymous letters appeared, the bishop reportedly hired an ex-secret service chief to find the authors.

In recent years, the diocese has written losses, and in 2017 it was almost two million euros. Finally, auditors were used. The result should have been published in the previous week, but the church harbored the mantle of silence: The Bishops' Congregation in Rome prohibited a publication by directives. Schwarz then explained that the result of the examiners was absolved of all charges.

For Guggenberger, the limit had been exceeded. He feels obligated to his conscience, he said yesterday, exposing the report. According to this, the educational center under Enzinger's leadership wrote red numbers. The dazugehrende hotel was not even 50 percent busy. On the other hand, the cost of employees in the hotel increased by 25 percent and in the education center by 60 percent within two years. This is partly due to a high turnover of staff due to the poisoned working environment. Under Enzinger fear and bullying prevailed, she was unpredictable and incompetent, says the report. Attendance numbers are said to have been faked.


Schwarz changed the statutes as bishop. The balance sheet was no longer controlled by accountants. The advisory board did not have to be brought in as before at 100,000 euros, but only in the event of revocations or loans of one million euros.

All these changes were made by Guggenberger now back again. Compensation claims against Black are made. Against Enzinger, which has already been terminated, a complaint was filed on suspicion of unfaithfulness. There was no reaction from Schwarz and the top of the church

Scandals in the Catholic Church

Former disciples of Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer (1986-1995 at the head of the Archdiocese of Vienna) reported being sexually abused or abused by him , In August 1995, Groer resigned.

In 2004, the St. Plötner Bishop Kurt Krenn was dismissed from office. The allegations related to child pornography in his area of ​​responsibility, the St. Pltener seminary. In 2010, numerous allegations of abuse were known, which mainly concerned the private grammar school of the monastery Mehrerau.

In Upper Austria there was a massive protest in 2009 against the appointment of Gerhard Wagner as auxiliary bishop. Wagner then did not accept the post.

Source |Newsbeezer

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 00:51

Italy announces agreement with EU on household



According to the Italian Government, there is an informal agreement with the European Commission in the budget dispute between Brussels and Rome. However, the Commission did not confirm an agreement. The commissioners would be discussing the matter this Wednesday, a Brussels spokeswoman said

The deal is expected to be made public on Wednesday when it is bowed down from Brussels, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Finance said in Rome. Further details were not disclosed.

Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced last week, following a meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, that new borrowing for 201

9 should be lower than originally planned. The EU Commission had previously rejected Italy's draft budget because it was incompatible with the stability criteria in the euro area. Italy is as high as no other country in the world is in debt. The populist government still wants to implement expensive election promises such as a civic income and a pension reform.

If no solution is found in the dispute, Italy risks a deficit procedure, which could end up worth billions.


Reported by|Abeer Almadawy

Egypt is in the path of development and is constantly challenging all the difficulties it suffers ... In a system that has been neglected for decades without development and sponsorship, today there is a new movement towards the repair in the river transportation.

The Egyptian Minister of Transport, Dr. Hisham Arafat, announced the return of river transport to the city of Cairo and Giza and other cities. That the state is on its way to establish a new system at a cost of 9.5 million euros, to develop river transport, pointing out that river transport and Nile River embankment neglected during the past years.

 It is known that Egypt throughout the ages used the River Nile in transportation and the river bus was one of the cheapest and most safe means of transport. However, as a result of the growth of river plants and the blatant infringement on the Nile River, neglecting the renewal of buses and river transport, this sector has been become neglected and that allowed the small workers on small boats to move people, which offered the lives of dozens of people over the past years.

With the return of river transport will enhance the movement of transport between Egypt and Sudan and the rest of the Nile Basin countries, which promotes trade exchange and facilitates the flow of traffic between the two countries and citizens within the countries ... The Ministry of Transport is now negotiating with a European and Chinese companies to work in Modernize this system and import the necessary river buses.


by|Abeer Almadawy

The Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdou, who is over 70 years old and famous for her exciting TV series, returns to the belly dance again after a pause for many years.

The news isn't a surprise as she looked recently in a photo session as a young lady in age of 20. The dancer decided to return to her job again because she want the egyptian to be back to their originality.

Abdou said that art has nothing to do with the age, saying:

"I prefer dancing to the end of my life and till my spirit get out.. And the money can not be buying health, love and age." Fifi Abdou said 

During her official conference on one of the biggest hotels in Cairo, she added  that the reason for her return to dance because there is no substitute for her absence and a lot of current dancers from the foreigners learned to dance by watching her like Shakira and that belly dancing is currently going to die because of the foreign dancers who pulled the rug from Egyptians and no longer see great dancers such as egyptian dancer  Samia Jamal and Tahia Karioka and others. Fifi Abdou is one of the most famous dancers of Egypt, and in the present time...

The decision is not surprising as the character of Fifi Abdou enjoys with fun and lightness of the blood as she is a lover of life and maintain on her youth .So all these reasons encouraged her to return to dance, especially after the footage was shown via Instagram while she is dancing and get the admire of her followers and fans.

Brussels / Vienna –


A UNHCR spokeswoman said Tuesday in Brussels
During a high-level Africa-Europe summit hosted by the Austrian capital Vienna in the presence of several leaders and heads of the African and European continents,that the  European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is in good health.

"European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is in good health." A Commission spokeswoman said .

On Tuesday in Brussels reported that the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was drunk or very sick as he was seen while politics supported him to stand up.

While the spokeswoman of UNHCR said ,he must have been supported at the gala dinner in the Spanish Riding School in the framework of the EU-Africa Forum in Vienna, photos could indeed lie.

She was glad that To clarify the matter. Sometimes Juncker is in pain, pointing to the consequences of a serious car accident in 1989. After that, Juncker had been in mortal danger for a few days. But "he's in good health, thank you for taking care of him," the spokeswoman said, answering questions from journalists.

The scene was reminiscent of the summit in the summer of the year. At the time, Juncker had been supported by other politicians in getting the podium for the family photo. Juncker spoke of severe pain in the wake of his sciatic discomfort. The FPÖ MEP Harald Vilimsky had then claimed that Juncker had drunk to the summit appeared . (APA)

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