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Castle Journal,The British group for Journalism and Media, through the Editorial Team of its newspapers and magazines, led by Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy, Founder, Owner and Chairman of the Board, announces the 2018 Personality Choices. This year, the editorial team is pleased to choose Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun is the global economic personality.

Liu Kun (born December 1956) is a Chinese politician and current finance minister. Previously, he served as director of the Budget Committee of the National People's Congress, Deputy Minister of Finance and Deputy Governor of Guangdong. Liu is a member of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. He was a delegate to the 10th, 11th and 12th National Congresses

Liu Kun was born in the province of Raoping, Guangdong in December 1956. In June 1973, during the Cultural Revolution, he was forced to work in a factory in Yunxiao County and Wenxua, Fujian instead of going to university. He joined Xiamen University in February 1978, specializing in finance and monetary economics at the Faculty of Economics, where he graduated in February 1982.

He began his journey of success and excellence from 1982, where he held several positions in the Guangdong provincial government office, until he served as deputy director in December 2001. He joined the Chinese Communist Party in July 1984. In December 2001 he was promoted to Deputy Secretary General of the Guangdong Provincial Government , A post at the level of his ministry, which he held until October 2002. He was director of the Guangdong Provincial Finance Department in October 2002 and remained in office until July 2010. In July 2010 he was promoted again to become governor's deputy from Guangdong, 2013, when he was transferred to Beijing and appointed Deputy Minister of Finance. He became director of the NPC's Budget Committee in December 2016 and served until March 2018. On March 19, 2018, the Minister of Finance was elected to the first session of the 13th National People's Congress.

His economic role emerged during his business trip, but since becoming finance minister he has taken the Chinese economy to further expansion. The organization of international economic conferences and forums in which China participated has played a prominent role as a skilled economist who raised his country's shares and brought it out of the brink of economic crisis. , Which made his country safe despite the pressures on China from global competitors.

London - Cairo

Castle Journal,The British group for Journalism and Media, through the Editorial Team of its newspapers and magazines, led by Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy, Founder, Owner and Chairman of the Board, announces the 2018 Personality Choices. This year, the editorial team is pleased to select Ethiopian president  Sahli Werk Zweidi, President of the Republic of Ethiopia, The international leading political personality ,as she is the first African woman to occupy this position on the black continent as well in her country ...

Sahli Werk Zweidi was elected by the Ethiopian parliament to become the country's first president.  Zweidi is an experienced diplomat and has held a former political post at the United Nations. In a speech after being sworn in, President Saheli, 68, pledged to work for a "society that rejects the oppression of women" and the struggle for peace and unity.

President Sahli Zweidi, an honorary president does not bear the responsibility of running the country, especially that the country is led by the Prime Minister and the President of the Executive Authority (Abi Ahmed). Since taking office last April, 2018

Ms. Zweidi has received the attention of the world and the international press not because she is the first in the continent to be a president of the country, but for her long struggle against racism and discrimination against women, giving her the status of prominent political struggle  in an African country that has lived centuries of slavery, poverty and racial discrimination.Therefore she deserved this title this year 2018 to be "The leading political personality"

London - Cairo

Castle Journal,The British group for Journalism and Media, through the Editorial Team of its newspapers and magazines, led by Dr. Abeer Al-Madawy, Founder, Owner and Chairman of the Board, announces the 2018 Personality Choices. This year, the editorial team is pleased to select Maj. Gen. Magdy Sheref.

Major General Magdy Sheref, Assistant to the Minister of the Interior of the Arab Republic of Egypt, a majestic legend of the Egyptian police who have been distinguished by his  professionalism, intelligence and precision in carrying out the missions,through his working's trip he carried the national security process for years with great success and dealt with attempts to attack Egypt's security in various forms. .

After MAJOR GEN. Sheref retired from his job,he gave all his time to the public service and he starts with his courageous character,to support his society's culture ...Giving all the lessons of the stability and determination in the management of life, moved from his career as a clever officer to social life wiser with the respect of his views.

Sheref became an inspiration to many of his students from officers and a role model who is  valid as an officer and as a wiser for dealing with freedom of opinion , human rights,security efforts and political issues .

Magdy Sheref was born in Cairo in the fifth decade of the last century and graduated from the Egyptian Police College and then completed his legal education at the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University. He was included in his job for his efficiency, distinguished by his creative security sense and excellent performance until he became Assistant Minister Internal Security.


US Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., a sharp critic of big banks and unregulated capitalism, entered the 2020 race for president on Monday, becoming the first major candidate in what is likely to be a long and crowded primary marked by ideological and generational divisions in a Democratic Party desperate to beat President Donald Trump.

In an 8:30 a.m. email to suspporters on New Year’s Eve — 13 months before the first votes will be cast in the Iowa caucuses — Warren said she was forming an exploratory committee, which allows her to raise money and fill key staff positions before a formal kickoff of her presidential bid. Warren also released a video that leaned on the populist, anti-Wall Street themes that are sure to be central to her campaign message.

“I’ve spent my career getting to the bottom of why America’s promise works for some families, but others, who work just as hard, slip through the cracks into disaster,” she said in the video. “And what I’ve found is terrifying: these aren’t cracks families are falling into, they’re traps. America’s middle class is under attack.”

“But this dark path doesn’t have to be our future,” she continued. “We can make our democracy work for all of us. We can make our economy work for all of us.”

The race for the 2020 Democratic nomination is poised to be the most wide open since perhaps 1992, with the party leaderless and lacking obvious front-runners. After a midterm election that saw many women, liberals, minorities and young Democrats win, the primaries and caucuses next year are likely to be fought over not only who is the most progressive candidate but also which mix of identities should be reflected in the next nominee.

Warren, 69, is among the best-known Democrats seeking to take on Trump, who has already announced his re-election campaign, but she also faces challenges: recent controversy over her claims to Native American heritage, skepticism from the party establishment and a lack of experience in a presidential race.

Two potential top-tier candidates who have run before, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, are eyeing 2020 and are expected to disclose their plans this winter.

Novelist Abeer Almadawy ,chose as The best personality  in 2018 by the Egyptian British Academy


Muhannad Mustafa

In the light of the media and press efforts in various fields of science and culture and the dissemination of the message of peace and tolerance in the world, the Egyptian British Academy led by Professor Amal Hussein, Chairman of the Board of Directors chose and honored  the novelist and writer Abeer Almadawy, the founder and chairman of Castle Journal,the British group for Journalism and Media and the chief  editor of all its newspapers and magazines.

Abeer Almadawy welcomed the honoring as the best personality of 2018 by the Egyptian British Academy, which is distinguished by its extensive experience and excellence in academic and educational work.

"Honoring and choosing me is  a medal of honor I wish I would be worthy"

Dr. Amal Hussain, President of the Academy, congratulated Dr. Abeer Almadawy  on the selection and honor . She said ;

" This honor is for your role and your great efforts in providing distinguished media, high culture and efforts aimed at promoting science and culture and advancing peoples with a message of peace and world Tolerance.

It is noteworthy that this is the third honors in 2018 for the novelist and writer Abeer Almadawy , who was received the honor of the Organization of Alsaida Development and World Peace, and the Association of Supervision and Nakhwa of Iraq. 

An eight-year-old boy from Guatemala died shortly after midnight on Christmas Day after being apprehended over an illegal entry attempt within the past month.
In a statement, US Customs and Border Protection said the eight year old had displayed "signs of potential illness" on Monday and was taken to a hospital in Alamogordo, New Mexico, where the boy was diagnosed with a cold and a fever. He was released with medical prescriptions yet returned to the hospital on Monday evening after he began vomiting, where he died just hours later, the statement added.

The agency said that the cause of death had not been determined, and that the Department of Homeland Security's inspector-general and the Guatemalan government had been notified.

On December 8, a seven year-old Guatemalan girl died two days after she was apprehended together with her father for illegal entry into the United States as part of a group of 163 undocumented immigrants. According to human rights activists, the girl died from septic shock, fever and dehydration. The US authorities said that the girl did not consume any food or water for several days. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Jakelin's death was "a very sad example of the dangers of this journey."


Central American migrants, part of a caravan hoping to reach the U.S. gets settled in a shelter at the Jesus Martinez stadium, in Mexico City, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018. Thousands of Central American migrants have arrived at the stadium, still hundreds of miles away from their goal of reaching the U.S. a day before midterm elections in which they unwittingly became a central issue.

In January 2017, Trump signed an executive order that initiated the process of building a wall along the US-Mexico border. The Trump administration has requested $5 billion for the project from the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) budget, which Democrats and some Republicans oppose. The president believes that the wall will stop illegal migration as well as human and drug trafficking. However, after facing opposition to his initiative, Trump has declared that the federal government would be in a state of partial shutdown until he and the Democrats are able to reach a deal on border security issues.


Wednesday, 26 December 2018 00:28

Medical Marijuana is approved in Thailand

Thailand Approves Medical Marijuana in New Year's 'Gift'

Thailand approved marijuana for medical use and research on Tuesday, the first legalization of the drug in a region with some of the world's strictest drug laws.

The junta-appointed parliament in Thailand, a country which until the 1930s had a tradition of using marijuana to relieve pain and fatigue, voted to amend the Narcotic Act of 1979 in an extra parliamentary session handling a rush of bills before the New Year's holidays.
"This is a New Year's gift from the National Legislative Assembly to the government and the Thai people," said Somchai Sawangkarn, chairman of the drafting committee, in a televised parliamentary session.

While countries from Colombia to Canada have legalized marijuana for medical or even recreational use, the drug remains illegal and taboo across much of Southeast Asia, which has some of the world's harshest punishments for drug law violations.

Marijuana traffickers can be subject to the death penalty in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.
But in Thailand, the main controversy with legalization involved patent requests by foreign firms that could allow them to dominate the market, making it harder for Thai patients to access medicines and for Thai researchers to access marijuana extracts.

"We're going to demand that the government revoke all these requests before the law takes effect," said Panthep Puapongpan, Dean of the Rangsit Institute of Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging.

source/ agency newsmax


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