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(ANSA) - Rome

Italy lives the worst weather todays because of the the freeze wave that hit the country and caused huge damages to the streets in the cities and the international roads.

As the The Italian Meteorological Agency said a wave of snow  hit the country that cut off roads with a sharp drop to temperatures below zero
The snow wave is hitting the European continent and the weather agency expects the bad weather to be continued

"Italy is in the clutches of a big freeze with temperatures falling below zero across the country because of an Artic chill."The Italian Meteorological Agency said
    Traffic was disrupted by snow that covered all streets and trees.
    A bad weather alert has been issued in the north and south of the country.

ANSA) - Milan

Though the freezing times but fires hit the woods and destroyed  about  100 hectares on Mt Martica near Varese since last night, fire fighters said Friday.
    Fire teams are carrying on operations to try to turn off the fire , they said.
    A Canadair is dumping water onto the flames while three other aircraft including two helicopters are set to arrive in the area.

According to ANSA said that Over 150 men are working to turn off the fires, including volunteers.
    Lombardy Governor, Attilio Fontana  on his arrival at the fire coordination centre  said that "the scale of the fire is shocking, but at least the wind is falling".



Friday, 04 January 2019 18:43

Donald Trump and destruction of the USA

Written By| Michael Blair

Donald Trump appears to be falling apart mentally

It's almost as if the enormity of the job has suddenly hit him, and he cannot cope with the realisation.
This of course was something I expected to happen. When I wrote about him before he became President, I said he wasn't mentally strong enough to deal with the constant pressure of being the President of the United States of America.
 He hugely underestimated the size of the position he was getting into, and he is crumbling before our very eyes. Or is he? 
Some of the strangest decisions he has made, have been because he knew that no one could or would be able to do anything about it.
 To me, he had found out that as President, there was nothing in the constitution to stop him. Once he had tested the water and found he couldn't be stopped, he was a rogue President. 
What has amazed me during this period of chaos, is the fact that the entire government structure of America has no way of removing a President unless he has done something so bad, that he would have to resign the Presidency the way Nixon had done. 
But if Nixon had discovered what Trump has, he probably could have survived and stayed in office. 
It's difficult to know exactly what is going through Trump's mind at any given time. He is so erratic, anything is possible. 
One decision appears to be helping some of the huge corporations to destroy some of the most protected Federal lands. 
He also wants the coal industry to be brought back to life, despite the huge pollution of air, land and water. 
He never appeared to be part of the big boys club who are having more and more influence on how the USA is regulated. Trump doesn't seem to have business ties with them, and some of them are now distancing themselves from the Trump circus. 
It's all a bit of a mystery. Who is Trump actually representing? 
Does he know to whom he is appealing? 
His core support will always be there because he looks like a guy who is putting the establishment's noses out of joint. 
But if he has designs on running for the Presidential nomination in 2020, he needs much more than the middle American vote. 
He has to reconnect with the disgruntled Democrats who switched to the Republican cause in 2016, but that's no longer likely to happen. The midterm elections have shown that the appetite for another extended period of Trumpism is definitely not what they want. 
This will be a fascinating and possibly dangerous 18 months for the USA, leading up to the 2020 Presidential election. 
Will Trump become completely unhinged and have to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming? 
Or will he decide to run against whoever comes out of the Republican pack to challenge for the nomination? 
Only time will tell, and we can guess all we want, but I'm pretty sure we won't get much of it correct. 

Reported by\Abeer Almadawy

Port Sudan

Reuters quoted witnesses in Sudan  saying that the security forces had dispersed a demonstration on which had launched on Thursday and was confronted by the Sudanese security forces and fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators Who were trying to appeal to the city council presidency for complaining.

Eyewitnesses said the demonstration was small, attended by about 200 people, but security forces confronted them before the protesters reached the building.

According to eyewitnesses, the security forces confronted the demonstrators and dispersed them using live ammunition as well as tear gas and sound bombs. They also arrested some protesters and opposition figures.

In other side ,Opposition and professional political forces in Sudan have called on citizens to step up demonstrations in the coming days with the aim of overthrowing the regime "peacefully".

These forces issued a statement calling for a demonstration called "Friday of Freedom and Change" from all the cities of the country, announcing the launch of the "third and fourth convoy" towards the presidential palace in the capital Khartoum, and move towards the National Assembly buildings in Omdurman, The departure of the regime.

This statement was preceded by an expected meeting between President Omar al-Bashir and the Union of Professional Trade Unions and Workers to discuss the developments in the country, for more than two weeks, the deterioration of the economic situation and turned into demands for the departure of the regime.

Source: Agencies

New Delhi

  Indian authorities have deported a family of five Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar ,to become the second group to deport in four months in their campaign  on facing the  illegal immigrants.

The Government of India considers the Rohingyas as illegal immigrants and they threaten the  national security, and has ordered the monitoring and deportation of tens of thousands of people living in small communities and informal neighborhoods.

"Authorities arrested the family, consisting of a husband, wife and three children, and imprisoned them in the northeastern state of Assam in 2014, to enter India without proper documentation," police said.

State police official Haskar Gyoti said the family had been handed over to officials from Myanmar and that they had crossed the border.

Members of the family appeared in a Reuters photograph at the border between India and Myanmar, sitting in front of security officials from both countries.

"There are 20 other Myanmar nationals in the Assam state jails, all of whom have been arrested to enter the country illegally," said the head of the family, Mahantha, but it is not clear whether they were all from the Rohingya minority in Myanmar.

India's deportation of the first group of 7 Rohingyas to Myanmar in October raised fears of further deportations among residents of their refugee camps and the fear of their harsh treatment by the authorities in Myanmar.

Source: Reuters

   Source|America- CGTN

China ,the first foot who landed by spacecraft on the Moon’s far side...

   China achieves historic first landing on far side of the moon...

By these titles all the newspapers who cares with the space news highlighted its big covers for the new discovery in the far side of the moon that we thought it is a dark one ...the chinese mission approved it is not!

Contrary to common belief, the far side of the Moon is not the same as the dark side. The Moon is tidally locked, which means one side is always facing Earth… While the other side always faces away. This is the far side, which we cannot see directly from Earth.

To begin exploring this uncharted area, the first key challenge was to guarantee communication with controllers on Earth.

Since the moon itself blocks direct radio transmission, China launched Chang’e-4’s relay satellite, Queqiao or Magpie Bridge earlier this year. It’s role is to “bounce” the probe’s signal back to Earth. It has since entered Halo orbit around the moon, about 400,000km (250,000 miles) from Earth, where it will serve as a perfect communication link.

People have drawn inspiration from the moon for many millennia, but the reality of this heavenly body have gotten a lot closer.

On Wednesday, China’s Chang’e 4, which launched from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in early December, became the first ever probe to soft-land on the far side of the moon.

China Central Television reports the lunar explorer Chang’e 4 had touched down at 10:26 a.m., BJT.

Among China’s scientific goals for Chang’e 4 are expanded astronomical observation using low frequency radio; mineral collection and analysis; neutron atom and radiation analysis; and even delivering a mini-ecosystem of potatoes, mustard seeds, and silkworms to the surface of the Moon.

After achieving orbit Sunday morning, Chang’e 4 landed Tuesday in the southern section of the Von Kármán crater, part of the South-Pole Aitken (SPA) basin. Compared to other, more rocky areas of the far side, Von Karman provides relatively flat surfaces for the probe and its package to land.

Theodore Von Kármán, for whom the crater was named, was an instructor and mentor to Qian Xuesen when he studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the 1950s. Qian is considered by many to be the “Father of Chinese Rocketry.”

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) in Beijing had to alter the probe’s orbit twice since Sunday, while they also tested communications between the probe and the Queqiao satellite. According to CNSA, the lunar rover’s imaging and GPS tools are prepared for operation.

With Chang’e 3 in 2013, China became the first nation to land a probe on the moon since 1976. Unfortunately, the Yutu, or Jade Rabbit rover lost mobility within two months after landing. The CNSA stated that lessons learned from that first probe drastically improved technology designed for Chang’e 4.

Chang’e 4 marks the completion of stage two in the Chinese Lunar Exploration Plan (CLEP).

In 2020, China plans to complete a third and final phase with Chang’e 5. In that mission, the lunar lander and rover will return to Earth after collecting samples and completing its scientific mission on the moon.


The Roman Congregation of the Congregation has classified removal of the uterus to prevent pregnancy under certain conditions as morally permissible.

If the uterus is irreversibly in a state in which reproduction is no longer possible, and if there is one pregnancy, from a medical point of view would certainly lead to a miscarriage, the removal of the organ is allowed. In this case, it is not an impermissible sterilization, according to a statement of the Vatican on Thursday by Kathpress.

Pope explicitly agreed 

The statement of the faith authority signed by Prefect Luis Ladaria with the express consent of Pope Francis the date 10 December 2018. It complements a previous decision of 1993. This had declared the prevention of possible high-risk pregnancies by removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) or a separation of the fallopian tubes (tubal ligation) inadmissible. This is a form of "direct sterilization."

The same letter from 1993, which continues to maintain its "full validity," states that removal of the womb is morally permissible only if "a serious current danger to the uterus." Life or the Health of the Mother "

A commentary on the new report states that the difference in the situation is that it is not" more or less difficulties or risks "of pregnancy, but rather" reversion. " a couple for whom reproduction is not possible ". Since "the birth of a living fetus is not biologically possible", the operative intervention "can not be considered as anti-procreative", ie not as a form of contraception.

Sterilization remains inadmissible

"The inadmissibility of sterilization lies in the No to the child, "said the Congregation for the Faith. On the other hand, the removal of reproductive organs which are incapable of delivering a pregnancy can not be described as direct sterilization; sterilization in itself remains "inadmissible as a goal and as a means".

The Congregation's response to the question submitted does not mean that removal of the uterus in such a case is "always the best possible" solution, but only that it is a morally permissible decision. Other options, such as resorting to barren periods or total austerity, are not excluded.

Source| (APA)


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