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  The Arabic Spring touched his crisis The republic of north Sudan who ended recently on the ruling of the dictator  president Omar Hassan al-Bashir by a military coup after 20 years ....But it is not the end of the way as the Sudanese are careful to get rid of all the outset president regime. It wasn’t enough to satisfy Sudanese protesters to make new council of the military so today the leader of the protesters announced his cut off his ties and talk with the council as they confirmed that there are some factors belong to the old regime.

Now, they are calling for the end of the entire regime that Omar Elbashir built and that kept him in power for so long.

in the video there is an explanation for what is happened in Sudan and to where they are going to reach .

To understand how this all unfolded, let’s go back to December 19th, 2018 in Sudan. Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in the northeastern city of Atbara and in other cities to protest the continued worsening of the country’s economy under al-Bashir.

Inflation had recently skyrocketed to nearly 70% and the price of food had risen dramatically as well.

The protests continued to grow and in April, tens of thousands of anti-government protesters made their way to the capital city Khartoum, where protesters surrounded the army headquarters and made history. The protests became the longest sustained demonstration in Sudan… since it gained independence in 1956.

The military started violently cracking down on the protesters. But things started to change… when some Sudanese soldiers began protecting the anti-government protesters.

This marked the beginning of what would be the end of al-Bashir’s rule. The military turned its back on al-Bashir, poetically ending his presidency in a coup... the same way he gained power in 1989.

But it didn’t end there because that still doesn’t seem to be enough for those protesters demanding real change.


Riyadh, April 21, 2019,

More than sixty Saudi public and private institutions related to tourism sector will exhibit in the 26th session of Arabian travel Market to be opened in Dubai, UAE on April 28 at World Trade Centre.

The market includes two major activities for the Saudi Exhibitors, the Mega tourism projects and the Saudi Seasons 2019 Initiative. The Mega projects to be showcased in the event are those announced by the Saudi government recently including NEOM, a smart and new way of living city, Amaala, an uber-luxury destination on the north, western coast of Saudi Arabia with all-new concept for ultra-luxury tourism, The Red Sea Project, an exquisite resort destination established across a lagoon of 50 untouched natural islands, THE DIRIYAH GATE, which celebrates the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia historical footprint, in addition to General Authority of Civil Aviation and King Abdullah Economic City.

Saudi Season 2019, is an initiative to utilize the vast expanse of lands that vary between plains, mountains, deserts and the sea and add to Saudi Arabia a unique climatic diversity with 11 tourism seasons covering the whole of the Kingdoms' regions with all their natural and heritage aspects as well as investment opportunities.
The Saudi participation to be organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) aims at introducing the development made to the tourism sector with the support of the Kingdom's leadership and its comprehensive vision to enhance this important industry for the diversity of the resources.

According to SCTH, the Saudi participation also includes benefiting from advanced international expertise in the tourist sector and considers applying the distinguished practices that meet and suit the standards of the Saudi market.
The annual Arabian Travel Market exhibition is considered one of the most important specialized gatherings in the tourism sector through the intensive presence in its events and following up of new developments through having 90 countries from across the world and more than 40,000 visitors.    

Source: SPA

Jeddah, April 21, 2019

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) lauded the initiative, worth USD three billion, jointly awarded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to support Sudan to overcome its current difficult financial situation.

In a press release, OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen, said OIC highly appreciates the Saudi-UAE initiative, which includes a joint package of humanitarian assistance to Sudan, describing the move as a real example of Islamic solidarity.

He also paid tribute to Sudan's role in OIC, urging member states to follow Saudi-UAE suit in playing their humanitarian role towards each other.



reported by ;Abeer Almadawy 

sunday, 21 of April, 2019

According to the Egyptian presidency spokesman declared that an important summit has held between president Abdul Fattah Alsisi and the Palestinian president  Mahmoud Abbas in the Althadya Palace today.


The two presidents discussed the latest developments pertinent to the Palestinian issue. As President Alsisi  confirmed Egypt’ssupport for the issue and for reaching a just and comprehensive solution that leads to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, in line with the international resolutions, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

While from his part , President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas expressed his appreciation for Egypt’s endeavors to resolve this issue, protect the rights of the Palestinians and achieve Palestinian national unity. He stressed that he is keen to consult and coordinate with President AlSisi  on the situation and to address the challenges that the Palestinians face. He reviewed the current status, in light of the recent developments.

However President Alsisi  confirmed Egypt’s full support for the Palestinian position towards the path of political settlement.

The meeting touched on the difficulties that the Palestinian Authority is experiencing after Israel’s deduction of funds and the negative consequences it has on the PA. The President confirmed Egypt’s keenness to do its utmost effort with the concerned parties to prevent the situation from exacerbating.

The meeting also touched on Egypt’s efforts to preserve the calm in the Gaza Strip. explaining that Egypt’s efforts primarily aim at preserving the security and stability of the Palestinian people and improve the humanitarian and economic situation in the Gaza Strip. In addition, Egypt continues efforts to complete the reconciliation process and realise politicalconsensus in the framework of a unified vision among all the Palestinian factions and in line with the Egyptian strategy to support the Palestinian Authority and its role in the Gaza Strip as well as foil attempts to reinforce the separation between the WestBank and the Gaza Strip. Egypt also continues endeavors with the concerned parties and donor countries to solve the UNRWA’s funding issue so as to enable it to continue providing services to the Palestinian refugees.

Source : the Egyptian presidency spoke man page 


reported by : Abeer Almadawy 

Sunday,21 of April,2019

President Abdul  Fattah AlSisi  recieved  at Sunday the  U.S. Democratic Senator Ronald Wyden with the attendance of the Egyptian FM Sameh Shokry and the head of the Egyptian intelligence General Abbas Kamel...

The spoke man of the presidency ambassador Basam Raday declared that ,

President AlSisi  met today the US democratic senator Ronald Wyden in the Egyptian palace of Alithadiya , During the meeting H.E president ALSISI Expressed on the strongest -old strategic relations between Egypt and the U.S. As he emphasized on Egypt’s commitment to strengthening all aspects of these relations within a framework of mutual respect and common interests, particularly in light of the turbulent regional situation and its challenges, primarily instability and the growing threat of terrorism that has affected a number of countries in the region.

President AlSisi also  confirmed his keenness on constantly engaging with Congress leaders as part of the two countries’ coordination and consultations on various issues of mutual interest. The President reviewed Egypt’s efforts to combat terrorism and the extremist ideology and measures underway for the implementation of the comprehensive economic reform and sustainable development. This is in addition to efforts to reach political solutions to the ongoing crises in the region.

From his side , US democratic senator Ronald Wyden valued the level of the two counties cooperation, confirming that Egypt is a cornerstone for security and stability and for reinforcing peace in the Middle East. He also asserted that Egypt is a key partner of the U.S. in the region and lauded Egypt’s successful and effective role in combating terrorism, rectifying the religious discourse and establishing the values of tolerance.

The meeting focused on the current regional developments and crises in the Middle East, notably in Libya and Syria. There was an alignment in views with regard to the need to promptly reach political solutions to these crises that shall maintain the unity of the states and preserve their national institutions and their peoples’ resources. President El Sisi warned against the threats besetting the concept of nation state in the region and asserted that political solutions to these crises shall take place in tandem with efforts to combat terrorist organizations in the region.

The talks also touched on the latest in the Palestinian issue. President El Sisi reiterated Egypt’s unwavering position in this regard concerning the need to reach a just and comprehensive solution that preserves the rights of the Palestinian people and establishes an independent Palestinian state in line with international references.
Source: the Egyptian presidency spokesman 


As Egypt is following its second no day of the editing to the referendum on the constitution....The Egyptian State Information Service (SIS) followed up international media coverage of the referendum on the constitutional amendments in Egypt, for the second day of voting at home and the last day of voting abroad. The following points were observed:

First: Size and Scope of Coverage

The referendum on Egypt's constitutional amendments has received widespread media attention worldwide, including the broadcast and publication of thousands of news and video reports in thousands of newspapers, television channels and websites throughout the world and in all its languages. In Egypt, 549 foreign media correspondents submitted requests for coverage permits, where the National Election Authority granted permits to (548) correspondents, and only one request by the British Broadcasting Corporation was rejected, while the list of organizations that received permits includes the biggest international media organizations such as Reuters, AFP and the Associated Press. Newspapers include: The Washington Post, The New York Times, Le Monde and The Times of London. Television channels include: CNN, Al Arabiya News, German Television, Sky News, France 24 and US Al Hurra. This coverage reflects the international interest in this great political event in Egypt, while at the same time highlighting Egypt's keenness to ensure and encourage media participation from all over the world in the coverage of the referendum with transparency.

Second: Freedom of International Media Outlets Conducing Field Coverage of all the Referendum Stages in all Premises.

Media outlets have covered both inside and outside the premises of the polling stations, and conducted hundreds of interviews with voters, officials, judges, opposition figures and others. All means of follow-up: print, audio and video were used freely in about 13919 electoral subcommittees in 10878 polling centers and 368 general committees, in addition to voting stations for Egyptians abroad. 

At the time of preparing this statement, no complaints were received from any correspondent that he/she was prevented from practicing his/her work or from entering the committees, or moving freely, or being restricted in any form. All correspondents were enabled to practice their profession and facilities were made available them to give them access to everything related to the referendum process. Third: International Media Coverage Trends 1. There is a global consensus on the integrity of the referendum procedures, a consensus on an atmosphere of complete stability and a 100% safe environment on the entire Egyptian territory, despite all the dangers of terrorism in the past. There was also no single media report on any difficulty faced by citizens in reaching their electoral premises, regardless of their political positions or party affiliations. There was also no complaint from any citizen regarding the accuracy and integrity of the voters lists, which makes the referendum one of the most accurate and successful logistical operations in the history of polling in Egypt 2. In terms of the freedom of the participants to vote or to influence their choices, the international media did not monitor in any way any intervention by the security, executive or other state agencies to influence the positions of voters in the referendum in any specific direction, despite the intensive presence of all parties concerned with maintaining the security and protection of citizens and the democratic process. 3. In certain instances, some media outlets have published reports that have not been verified on “bags of food” being given to some voters. Noteworthy: - The coverage of such claims was limited, not exceeding (4) media reports. - The claims in these reports are contradictory, two of which referred to the transfer of citizens from villages and giving them food in return for voting, which is not true in light of the existence of electoral committees everywhere near the residence of all citizens. These reports mentioned that the purpose is to encourage the exercise of the right to vote and not to influence voters in a certain direction, which confirms the opposite of what the writers of such reports intended. There is no doubt that should the State with all its organs present at all the referendum premises, wishes to counter the will of the voters or influence them, did not need these limited individual practices to encourage voters to cast their ballots in the way they want. -That in the four instances, it was noted that businessmen or party delegates are the ones who provided this assistance and not any State entity. - In one of these reports, readers were misled by using old photos of food supply, including a photo that was published more than a year ago, to think that these photos were taken during the current referendum.



Several international media outlets traced the views, positions and activities of the parties and people opposing the constitutional amendments, including the activities of the Civil Democratic Movement, which many media outlets described as including 10 parties and which held a press conference calling for a “no” vote on the amendments, as well as other websites which some media outlets said they had tens of thousands of followers and invited them to vote against the amendments. The international media also polled the views of dozens of opposition figures on the constitutional amendments from all political spectrum, calling on citizens to vote against the amendments. All this has confirmed to everyone the utterly expansive atmosphere for all political parties to freely express their views and practice their political activities.


Regarding all that has been published in the media outlets around the world, or through some other organizations on the content of the constitutional amendments themselves, and the jurisprudence on what such amendments mean for the political system and political institutions in Egypt, all that has said in this regard is worthless false readings. The people of Egypt is the only entity, that has the right to express its decisive opinion about these amendments in a unique way known in the world and in all democratic systems through casting ballots. No one has the right to confiscate the will of the Egyptian people, or to jump on its position and decision, which is determined by the results of the voting on the referendum. All that is allowed for everyone is to make sure that the Egyptian people has been empowered to exercise the right to vote freely in the referendum. This is a fact recognized by all the political parties in Egypt and the media outlets that covered all stages of the voting process both in Egypt and abroad.



Reported by | Abeer Almadawy   

In a speech to the president  Donald J. Trump before receiving Mr. President AlSisi, Trump paid his hopes in Egypt to save the stability in the Middle East...Also the president talks about the American Egyptian relations as strong as his friendship with president AlSisi.

Trump said with a journalism conference:

" It’s a great honor to be with President El-Sisi, a friend—a great friend—of Egypt. And we have very special things happening. Our relationship has never been stronger. And we’re working with Egypt on many different fronts, including military and trade"

Trump also speaks about  the strategic issues and the powerful partnership with Egypt as he pointed ;

" The United States and Egypt have a strong relationship with many security and economic implications.Today marks the second visit of President El-Sisi to the White House since 2017. So as Egypt has long been an important strategic partner in the Middle East, United States of America is strengthening our partnership with Egypt and promoting regional stability across the Middle . We push the assistance to Egypt who has played a central role in the country’s economic and military development."

President of USA Donald Trump said

In other politics points president Trump pointed to the Situation in the Middle East and relation with Israel so he reminds with this historical information about the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, he said ;

" Since the 1979 Egypt–Israel Treaty of Peace, the United States has provided Egypt with more than $40 billion in military assistance and $30 billion in economic assistance.
Egypt has become an anchor of stability in the Middle East, as exemplified by its enduring forty-year peace with Israel."

Trump alsp replied on a question from a journalist about the file of human rights in Egypt, he replied ;

" The United States encourages the Egyptian government to preserve space for civil society and to protect human rights."

President Trump said they are working with Egypt on issues impacting regional stability including conflicts in Libya, Syria, and Yemen and progress on the Middle East Strategic Alliance.

Today Mr president of Egypt Abdul Fattah AlSisi met with officials in the White House such as advisor of president Trump and the Foreign affair minister.
Trump 's Administration also is working with Egypt to combat terrorism and to stop the spread of radical Islamic terrorism. Officials confirmed in this text that The United States is providing Egypt with military training and equipment to support counterterrorism efforts.

"We continue to strengthen our strategic relationship through security cooperation and broader security efforts."

Officials in Trump's Administration added that US supports the Egyptian government in its bold program of economic reform, which will set Egypt on the course of long-term economic stability.
So as Egypt hosted the inaugural meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, will enhance the economic cooperation and shared prosperity among countries across the region. And President Trump is building on the strong and robust trade relationship between the United States and Egypt.

It's that the  United States and Egypt have a robust bilateral trade relationship.
President Trump hopes to build on this relationship through cooperation and mutual benefit.
America is one of Egypt’s leading trade partners.
In 2018, the United States goods trade surplus with Egypt was $2.6 billion, a 9.3 percent increase from 2017.
In 2018, United States goods exports to Egypt totaled $5.1 billion, up 26.7 percent from 2017.
America and Egypt continue to work together to promote fair trade and increased investment by addressing market access, standards, labor, and intellectual property protection issues.


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