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     Syria’s case is hard to describe its scene and what is harder to accept the massacres that have been happening  since five years ago!

Syria the second largest country in Arabic world , who had a great history ,now it lives under fires and unfair war.

Pictures speak and say who  is guilty , not only in the rights of people but guilty in the rights of the dust, humanity and religion.

After five years of civil war, more than three million and a half are dead, according to the estimate number was given by the UN ,yet the crisis continues its sad scenec over the stage of blood and flesh of the children, women,and the future .

The Picture today says that;

Syrians became food for fish in the Mediterranean

Syrians became as preys for pirates at Mediterranean

Syrians have became a good meal to gangs of  human organs trade as well as for  human trade

Syrians became a commodity into slavery and prostitution


These are the sad pictures in Syria which was destroyed by an international and internal ambitions.







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