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Heavy rains continued to fall on the southwestern island of Kyushu, with the possibility of floods Monday morning, amid fears that about 40 people had died.

The floods and mudslides that started at the weekend have killed 21 people so far.

Yoshidi Soga, Secretary-General of the Japanese Cabinet, said that there are 18 other people who show no signs of life, and they are considered dead while awaiting official confirmation, and 13 others have been lost.

"I extend my deepest condolences to those who died as a result of heavy rains," Soga said, adding that about 40,000 Self-Defense Force personnel are participating in the rescue operations.

He pointed out that the shelter centers are also working to prevent the spread of the Corona virus through the distribution of antiseptics, and he urged people to maintain their spacing.

According to Kyodo News, as of Saturday, about 200,000 people had been ordered to vacate their homes.

These floods are the worst natural disaster in Japan since Hurricane "Hagibis" that swept it last October and led to the death of about 90 people.

Source: "Reuters"

By:Nadeemy Haded


A North Korean journalist attacked a South Korean-American working group on Monday after Pyongyang recently refrained from criticizing South Korea.

"The Democratic People's Republic of Korea today", in an article titled "How long will South Korea be exposed to shame and obedience?" The South Korean political scene, press, and civil organizations criticize with a unified voice the Korean-American working group.

The website quoted former South Korean unity ministers as saying that the working group is the main obstacle to inter-Korean relations, and the South Korean government should not leave the bilateral relations between Seoul and Pyongyang to US President Donald Trump, and lead bilateral relations.

The site cited news reports from the South Korean media that say that in the framework of the working group between them and Washington, Seoul wasted a lot of time to enforce the inter-Korean agreements, which would lead to the deterioration of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and inter-Korean relations.

North Korean propaganda sites deleted their critical news reports for South Korea on June 24, following a surprising decision by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to suspend military action plans against the south.

North Korean media, such as the Labor Party's Rodong Shinmun newspaper, have stopped criticizing South Korea.

Seoul and Washington formed the working group in November 2018 to coordinate policies in North Korea's nuclear disarmament, humanitarian aid, sanctions enforcement and inter-Korean relations.

Source: "Yonhap"

By:Nadeemy Haded


Indian media reported on Monday that an operation to disengage the Indian and Chinese forces has begun in disputed border areas between the two countries.

ANI reported that the start of the operation in the Jalwan Valley in Ladakh region was the result of extensive diplomatic and military contacts over the past 48 hours.

The agency quoted Indian military sources as saying that the Chinese army returned tents, vehicles and forces to a distance of one or two kilometers from the sites that were agreed to disengage during the talks between the military.

She added that the Chinese heavy armored vehicles are still present deep in areas of the Jalwan Valley, and the Indian army is monitoring the situation with caution.

This development comes after a clash between the Indian and Chinese armies in the Jalwan Valley last month.

New Delhi and Beijing shared the blame for this clash, in which India said its losses amounted to 20 dead and dozens wounded, while China did not reveal the number of its losses, although the Indian side said it had reached 40 dead.

Source: Indian media

By:Nadeemy Haded


Luis Rodolfo Abi Nader Corona, candidate of the opposition Contemporary Revolutionary Party in the Dominican Republic, has declared victory in the country's presidential elections.

Abi Nader (who is of Lebanese descent) said, in a speech to thousands of supporters, who gathered to celebrate his victory, which ended 16 years of rule by the Dominican Liberation Party (President Danilo Medina): "The expectations indicate that our victory is formally irreversible."

Abi Nader was congratulated by his rival Gonzalo Castillo, and from the current President Danilo, who owes the victory, although the CEC has not yet announced the results officially.

"On this election day, the democratic model of the Dominican Republic has become stronger. We therefore congratulate the new elected president, Louis Abi Nader ... for whom we wish him great success," Medina wrote on Twitter.

Source: Novosti

By:Nadeemy Haded


Today, Monday, the Russian health authorities recorded a stable death rate and new infections with the emerging coronavirus, compared to the statistics of the previous day.

In its daily report, the Operations Room for fighting the spread of the Corona virus in Russia announced that 135 new deaths were recorded among those infected with the virus that causes "Covid-19" during the last 24 hours (compared to 134 deaths yesterday), which raises the death toll from the pandemic in the country to 10296 cases. death.

The daily infection rate in Russia remains at a stable level (i.e. about 6.7-6.8 thousand cases) since last June 26, and the health authorities have monitored during the past 24 hours 6,611 new infections (compared to 6,736 cases yesterday).

The Chamber pointed out that the symptoms of "Covid-19" did not appear in 28.8% of the new patients.

This brings the total number of infections recorded in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic 687862, of which 223,237 active cases, representing a rise of 2,897 active cases since yesterday.

After the United States, Brazil and India, Russia remains in fourth place in the list of the largest corona foci in the world in terms of the number of confirmed cases.

And 3579 patients recovered in Russia during the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of patients to 454,329 people.

So far, 21.3 million tests have been conducted in Russia to diagnose HIV cases, and more than 277,000 people are still under medical supervision.

At the top of the capital Moscow is the list of Russian regions with the lowest increase in the total number of injuries in Koruna (i.e. 0.3%). During the last day, there were 22 deaths and 685 new cases of the epidemic, raising the total to 225,545 confirmed cases, including 3,975 deaths.

Source: RT

By:Nadeemy Haded


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited the medical staff who oversaw treatment for the emerging coronavirus, to his official residence on Downing Street.

Earlier, Johnson praised the doctors, saying they had saved his life, and in honor of one of them he named his son.

The visit of the 10-person medical staff agreed with the 72-year celebration of the establishment of their National Medical Service (NHS). The Prime Minister met with his guests in the garden near his residence, and said that "the nurses took turns serving him in intensive care for several days, and doctors made every effort to make him recover faster and return to work."

After congratulations, nurse Luisa Betarmo, co-worker Jenny McGee and doctors Nick Price and Nicholas Hart inquired from the intensive care unit at St. Thomas Hospital about Johnson's health and provided details of their work.

"This evening, I was honored to receive those who took care of me at Ant Thomas," Johnson wrote in a tweet on Twitter.


By:Nadeemy Haded


Alexei Kondrativ, a member of the Federation Council's International Affairs Committee, responded to the statement of the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Alexei Negababa, who announced his country's plans to "restore Crimea" and prepare for "war with Russia".

The Russian senator said: "This statement in itself is a provocation. Of course we cannot talk about any military operations with Russia."

The Ukrainian admiral believed that the reason for the possible military conflict was Russia's desire to return the waters of the Dnieper River to the Crimea, which were cut by Ukraine. He claimed that the Russian army would attack the Ukrainian province of Kherson to achieve this.

Alexei Negababa asserted that his subordinates were preparing for the attack, and that Ukraine possesses "Neptune" missile systems, which can bomb Sevastopol.


By:Nadeemy Haded

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